Evolve powered by FLO : Will EV charging ever be as convenient as gas stations?


Gas stations are abundant, easy to find and easy to use. Will it ever be as simple to charge your EV? According to our team: yes! And the gap is closing in quickly. EV charging is simply a different experience. 

On the newest episode of EVolve powered by FLO, host Gabrielle Bejarano, chats with Edmund Leduc, Interactions Designer at FLO, and Alexander Forest, Network Deployment Program Director at FLO, to talk about developments in the EV charging world and how they separate themselves from traditional pump designs. The three discuss…

  1. How the EV charging experience is different from gas pumps
  2. The difference between the three current EV charging solutions and how the public will know what works for which
  3. Why a more robust EV charging infrastructure is necessary in particular areas across North America 

“There’s obviously different kind of chargers for different scenarios and I think the important thing is knowing when to use which one,” said Edmund Leduc. 
“The goal, of course, is to continue to increase the available infrastructure that’s out in the world. That’s a big part of our mandate and a big part of our goal,” noted Alexander Forest. 

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