Attract Tenants with Superior, Modern Amenities

Upgrade your commercial real estate with electric vehicle charging stations.

Equip your property with EV charging stations and attract prominent tenants looking for high-end, sustainable environments to make their business thrive. Whether your portfolio includes office buildings, retail properties or a mix of both, our charging solutions will suit your needs.

65% of cars on the road will be electric by 2050

Future-Proof Your Building

Offering EV charging at your property has many benefits:

  • Attract high-profile, innovative companies
  • Provide value-added amenities to your tenants and their guests
  • Future-proof your building to stay ahead of the curve
  • Position your property as modern and sustainable
  • Take part in the lucrative EV industry

You Save With Our Smart Features

Improve your property’s amenities without added expenses with our exclusive energy management features.

  • Easily add more charging stations as demand grows without expensive upgrades
  • Limit peak demand surcharges
  • FLO can power up to 4X more vehicles than standard installations
  • Customizable solutions for every layout

Full Control Over the Service

Site managers control usage policies like pricing per session, billing methods and access rights. Choose your settings in our online portal.

Detailed Data Reports

Monitor Station Usage

Track Energy Consumption

Lead the Way to Sustainability

“Partnering with FLO has allowed us to build in future growth. We’re the leaders in the environmental movement in office real estate, and having electric vehicle charging stations as an amenity for our clients in the building and our visitors was an easy, ‘Yes, we need to do this.’”

Michael Manuel, Cadillac Fairview, General Manager, RBC Centre & Simcoe Place

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Want to Learn More?

Join special guests and explore EV charging technology through a new and exciting commercial lens!