EV charging solutions for retail stores and restaurants

Attract customers. Make your business thrive.

Position your business as an EV-friendly destination by providing electric vehicle charging stations. Convert visitors into loyal customers by delivering a superior shopping or dining experience while they charge. Show that you are a forward-thinking business that cares about sustainable development.

Benefits of providing charging stations in your city

Attract customers and build loyalty

Differentiate from the competition with a value-added service

Deliver a better customer experience

Position your business as eco-friendly

Drive traffic…

By choosing FLO, you become part of Canada’s largest EV charging network, with thousands of charging stations operating throughout the country.

Your stations will be seen on our interactive map and mobile app by over 80% of Canadian EV drivers—who will choose their shopping and dining destinations based on charging station availability.

…and drive business

Data shows that 92% of EV drivers spend money at their destination while they charge. The typical EV driver is educated, owns a house and earns an above-average salary—a sought-after clientele.

Not only will charging stations have a positive impact on your business—they can even help you generate additional revenue. Simply set the pricing and billing method for your charging stations, and earn money every time customers stop by to charge their vehicle.

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A high-end service for you and your customers

Your customers benefit from a superior, seamless charging experience with FLO. Authentication and payment is quick and secure via a RFID card or mobile app, and users can rely on a 24/7 bilingual support line should they need assistance.

All charging stations on the FLO network are monitored in real time from our national operation centre to guarantee reliability—and total peace of mind for you.

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Made in Canada, built for Canada

Our charging stations are proudly manufactured in Canada—and designed for our tough climate. Our products are certified for both indoor and outdoor installation, as they have been tested in the harshest weather conditions and the coldest temperatures.


    “People with electric cars understand the FLO brand and understand the value of what that provides. So us teaming with someone who has recognition was very positive for Canadian Tire. The fact that FLO has a bilingual call center than can support all these outlets and charging centers is important to the drivers, and therefore it’s important to us. It allows us to execute and provide a high level of customer service.”


    Bruce Allen, Canadian Tire Petroleum, President

    Recommended charging stations for retail stores and restaurants


    Rugged Level 2 charging station with
    securely locked connector

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    Dual Level 2 curbside charging station with
    a small footprint and slick design

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    Universal fast charger designed
    for the harshest environments

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    Standard or fast charging?

    Unsure what type of charging stations is best suited for your needs? Let us guide you.

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