EV charging solutions for workplaces

Make clean tech part of your company culture.

Offer electric vehicle charging stations at your workplace, and demonstrate your organization’s leadership in supporting innovative technologies and sustainable development. Provide a highly valued service to EV-driving employees and encourage others to choose clean transportation in the future.

Benefits of providing workplace charging stations

Attract talent and increase employee satisfaction

Enhance your corporate sustainability practices

Position your organization as innovative and cutting-edge

Support EV adoption among employees

Hassle-free service for you and your employees

As an employer, you want to ensure your employees benefit from a premium, user-friendly service. Our workplace charging stations are integrated with our Canada-wide network and monitored in real time from our national operations centre to guarantee reliability.

Employees will conveniently access workplace stations with the same membership card or mobile app they use on FLO’s public network, and rely on a 24/7 bilingual support line in case they need help.

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Technology that works for you

Keeping your employees happy is your priority, but you also want to keep expenses under control. Our smart energy management technology lets you limit peak demand surcharges while still making sure every connected vehicle is fully charged at the end of the work day.

Managing FLO charging stations is simple—no matter how many chargers are installed in your parking lot. From a dedicated online portal, easily grant access rights to EV-driving employees, configure energy management settings and download detailed data reports to keep track of charging station usage and electricity consumption.

Meeting both current and future demand

Electric vehicles are playing an increasing role in private transportation, and it’s important for workplaces to prepare for this revolution in personal mobility.

We make it easy for you to add more charging stations as demand grows, while keeping installation costs and operational expenses to a minimum. Our technology can power up to 4 times more vehicles than standard installations would allow, without requiring expensive electrical upgrades.

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Made in Canada, built for Canada

Our charging stations are proudly manufactured in Canada—and designed for our tough climate. Our products are certified for both indoor and outdoor installation, as they have been tested in the harshest weather conditions and the coldest temperatures.


“We are proud to support our employees who make the change, especially as electric vehicles are becoming more and more mainstream. The charging stations from FLO are very dynamic, they’re versatile and they also enable us to grow our network of charging stations. That was for sure one of the key reasons why we selected them as a partner.”


Marc Duchesne, Vice-President, Bell Canada, Vice-President, Corporate Security and Responsibility

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