Level 2 vs fast charging in commercial applications


Wondering what type of charging station is best suited for your business? Learn more about the various types of stations and their typical applications. 

Level 2 charging stations


Applications: Level 2 charging stations are typically considered to be destination chargers, as EV drivers will use them to top up while they shop, dine, work or sleep. They are ideal for businesses or locations where drivers stop for more than 30 minutes.

Benefits: When used for business purposes, Level 2 chargers can provide value-added amenities for visitors and attract customers, as many drivers will tend to favour EV-friendly shopping or dining destinations. 

Typical locations: Shopping centres, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, workplaces, commercial parking lots, multi-unit residential buildings, commercial properties and curbside on city streets. 

Charging speed: Level 2 charging stations provide up to 30 km of range per hour of charging (depending on car models). 

Connector: Level 2 charging stations are equipped with the SAE J1772 connector, which means these stations are compatible with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Fast charging stations

Applications: Fast charging stations are mainly deployed on the edges of urban centres and along transit routes, allowing EV drivers to quickly charge their vehicle when they are travelling long distances. They are ideal for locations where customers spend less than 30 minutes. 

Benefits: Fast charging stations can help businesses attract new customers as well as generate additional revenue from the charging sessions or from additionnal services, especially if they are located near important transportation hubs or busy corridors. EV drivers will choose their fast charging destinations based on ease of access, convenience and local amenities. 

Typical locations: Roadside rest areas, fast food restaurants, gas stations, retail stores and shopping centres located near highway exits.

Charging speed: Fast charging stations provide up to 250 km of range per hour of charging (depending on car models). 

Connector: Our products are dual standard DC fast chargers equipped with both CHAdeMO and SAE Combo connectors.  

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