It’s a great day to be an EV driver in Alberta! A new EV charging site is now open at the Canadian Tire Gas+ station in Sherwood Park. It’s located at 169 Ordze Ave.

There are two Level 2 charging stations and one fast charging station at the site. All models of fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are compatible with FLO’s Level 2 stations. Additionally, vehicles equipped with the CHAdeMO or SAE Combo charging port can use the fast charging station.

Alberta’s Fast EV Charging Corridor

This is the last of three charging sites that now connect Alberta’s two largest cities – Edmonton and Calgary. It is made possible in partnership with ATCO, the province’s leading energy provider, Canadian Tire Corporation and Natural Resources Canada.

The sites are conveniently located close to Highway 2 exits. They’re all near amenities like rest areas, shops and restaurants. This makes it easy for drivers to grab a bite or do some shopping while they charge. The locations ensure fast EV charging is available about every 150 km along the fastest route from Edmonton to Calgary.

This deployment is part of the FLO network’s expansion in Alberta. It started last summer with a first fast charging station at Londonderry Mall in Edmonton, in partnership with Simons.

Supporting EV Drivers in Alberta

Before these charging sites were available, most vehicles couldn’t have driven between Edmonton to Calgary on a single charge. Now with reduced range anxiety, short and long-distance travel is easier.

There are currently more than 1,000 battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles registered in Alberta.

FLO acknowledges the financial support of Natural Resources Canada for this project.

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