Welcome to the FLO program for
car dealers


As a partner, FLO is committed to helping  dealers offer customers the best charging solutions for their new electric vehicles. Customers will have peace of mind knowing that they always leave their home with a fully charged battery.

1. Marketing support

The FLO team is dedicated to supporting you throughout the EVSE sales/recommendation process to provide your customers with a complete EV solution. Support includes technical and sales training for staff, ongoing access to FLO representatives and more.

2. Access to one of North America’s largest charging network

The FLO Network is the largest in Canada and provides EV drivers with access to more than 4,500 charging stations from coast to coast. Using the FLO mobile app or their FLO network access cards, drivers can securely pay for charging sessions at any charging station on the network including those of FLO’s partner networks.

3. Become a FLO Home distributor and add a new revenue stream

Offer your customers the opportunity to acquire the FLO Home charging station at the same time as their new vehicle and get a discount on every sale.

FLO Home

Rugged Charging Station for Residential Application Only

The FLO Home charging station is optimized for single-family homes. Robust and elegant, FLO Home can be installed either indoors or outdoors with its aluminum casing and heavy-duty cable. The connected version of FLO Home allows users to configure smart features and view usage data on a secure online portal.