FLO becomes the official charging station for BONE Structure.

FLO® and BONE Structure are proud to announce a new partnership to bring electric vehicle charging to the home of the future. FLO Home has been selected by BONE Structure to be the official charging station of their homes in the US and Canada.

BONE Structure is a technology innovator who has developed and patented an energy efficient, low-waste steel construction system for custom homes. These sustainable, energy-efficient homes can be assembled incredibly efficiently on site and provide significant benefits in terms of sustainability, comfort and durability.

This partnership provides BONE Structure with a key component to the home of the future—electric vehicle charging. This is especially relevant as one out of every three BONE Structure home owners drives or plans to drive an EV in the near future.

“BONE Structure is the ideal integrator for green building technologies: from solar roof panels, to advanced mechanical systems, our clients opt for high-end sustainable technologies. Through our partnership with FLO, we can now integrate an EV station as part of our home designs, and offer a lifestyle product that is aligned with our vision for a clean and energy-efficient future,” said Marc Bovet, Founder and CEO of BONE Structure.

“FLO Home will appeal to the sophisticated BONE Structure customer. Its sleek design and high-quality craftsmanship will provide them with a charging station equal to their new home. We’re thrilled to join forces with BONE Structure to bring EV charging to their home owners,” said Fabien Fayard, Vice President of Marketing at FLO.

BONE Structure has already committed to including the FLO Home in their 28-home development, Eden Park, in Clarington Ontario. BONE Structure clients across North America will have direct access to a FLO Home as a part of the design of their new custom home. Additionally, FLO Home will be featured at BONE Structure events throughout the duration of the partnership.