Los Angeles Case Study

What’s Inside?

The City of Los Angeles has developed one of the most comprehensive “Green New Deal” initiatives in North America, choosing the electric vehicle charging experts at FLO to help accelerate EV adoption in California!

FLO and the City of LA have worked together to leverage existing streetlight infrastructure and deploy EV charging stations attached to street lighting poles. In doing so, the City of Los Angeles has…

  • Deployed EV chargers quickly and cost-effectively
  • Outfitted all fifteen city council districts with chargers
  • Provided a charging amenity for Los Angeles residents

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Want to Learn More?

Technology Deep Dive: Streetlight Charging

FLO’s industry-leading experience with streetlight charging infrastructure has led to deployments in multiple cities across North America. These successes have afforded us the opportunity to identify several key considerations that can contribute to the successful deployment of a streetlight charging ecosystem.

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About FLO

FLO is a leading North American charging network.

We operate a comprehensive charging ecosystem that fulfills EV drivers’ needs wherever they may be—at home, at work, or on the go—by ensuring a consistently simple and seamless experience.

FLO offers smart home charging solutions for both single-family homes and multi-unit residential buildings, as well as access to thousands of public charging stations across the country.

FLO also provides turnkey solutions to property managers, business owners, employers, and municipal administrators who wish to support EV adoption by supplying charging services.

FLO is a subsidiary of AddEnergie, a North American leader in electric vehicle charging solutions.