Roaming with FLO: Taking You Even Further

FLO provides you with extended network coverage for your EV travels across North America thanks to partnerships with Electric Circuit, eCharge Network and ChargePoint.

What is Roaming?

Just like roaming on your cellular phone, roaming for EV drivers gives you access to charging stations on collaborating networks no matter where you are in the US or Canada.

How Does it Work?

Roaming is easy and convenient! Update your FLO mobile app to get started. When you’re ready to charge, simply pull up at any collaborating network’s charging stations, start a session using you’re the app and charge as you would at any FLO station.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Exclusively with your FLO membership, FLO members can access all stations on the Electric Circuit, eCharge Network and ChargePoint.

No. You can use your FLO membership to access charging on any collaborating network.

No. You can use your FLO mobile app to access charging stations on any collaborating network.

When roaming on Electric Circuit or eCharge Network stations, you can pay with your FLO card or through the FLO mobile app.

When roaming on ChargePoint stations, you can only pay using the FLO mobile app.

There are zero fees to roam between charging networks. However, please note that your mobile carrier might have additional fees if you’re traveling across country borders.

You can roam anywhere in the US and Canada on collaborating network charging stations.

You’ll be able to find all available charging stations using your FLO mobile app, and on the FLO interactive map.

No. Advanced safeguards have been put into place to ensure complete privacy for drivers.

If you’re visiting another network, it is advisable to first contact FLO’s customer support line. If further assistance is required, we will work with the collaborating network.

Contact our customer experience team to get support.

By phone: 1-855-543-8356
By email: