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EV charging stations for business

The EV charging revolution

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your workplace, apartment building, fleet, or entire city, FLO offers the EV charging solution your business needs.

EV Revolution
EV Revolution
EV Revolution
EV Charging Done Right
FLO fuels the electric revolution

As a pioneer in electric transportation since its early days (in our case, 2009), we take some credit for propelling electric vehicles into the mainstream. And with 31 million EVs projected to hit North American roads by 2030, isn’t it time you got on board?

Our network

We’re a leading network operator, offering more than 86,000 EV charging stations across North America—and counting. Check out what we can do for you.


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One of our experienced sales consultants will provide you with all the knowledge you need to get started with EV charging.

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EV charging solutions for every market

Enjoy the benefits of electric transportation without having to worry about building stations or maintaining the infrastructure. No matter your industry, we have a turnkey charging solution for it.

Auto dealerships

We’ve been working with OEMs and dealerships since the beginning.

Apartments and condos

Check out our smart electric vehicle charging solutions for multi-unit residential buildings.

Cities and municipalities

Build a cleaner and more sustainable future with our worry-free charging infrastructure.

Convenience, oil & gas

Grow your revenue and increase brand perception with our reliable and fast EV charging solutions.


Switch to a more sustainable form of transportation and reap the economic and environmental benefits.

Institutional and education

Our comprehensive EV charging solutions are designed to evolve as your organisation does.

Retail and hospitality

Retail and hospitality

It’s the new customer amenity. Attract more customers with easy EV charging.

Utilities and asset management

Invest in your future with optimized EV charging solutions.


Make clean technology part of your company culture with EV charging stations.

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Commercial charging solutions
Smart charging stations for workplaces and fleets

Discover the CoRe+™ Series, the ideal Level 2 charging solution for businesses and organizations looking to offer EV charging as part of their employee benefits program or for those looking to electrify their fleet of vehicles.

  • Made with care in North America
  • Flexible installation options
  • Rugged and reliable design able to withstand harsh weather
Commercial charging solutions
Level 2 charging station designed for public locations

FLO’s SmartTWO™ Level 2 charging stations are ideal for businesses looking to deploy charging infrastructure at sites exposed to harsh weather conditions or vandalism like outdoor or public parking lots.

  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Patented door locking mechanism to protect the connector
  • Compatible with 100% of BEV and PHEV available in North America
Commercial charging solutions
Sleek Level 2 charger designed to electrify cities

FLO’s SmartTWO-BSR™ charging stations are specifically designed for curbside installation, making them ideal for city streets or busy areas.

  • Robust and reliable
  • Cost-effective installation and expansion
  • Effortless for drivers with its unique cable management system
Commercial charging solutions
Fast charger for EV drivers in-transit charging needs

Built with ruggedness and reliability in mind, the SmartDC™ fast charger let EV drivers charge quickly on the go. Ideal for sites located near transit corridors or busy parking lots, DC fast chargers can also complement Level 2 charging stations in cities and provide an additional option to residents of multi-unit residential buildings.

  • Maximum power output of 50 kW or 100 kW
  • Modular design for easy serviceability
  • Equipped with both CHAdeMO and SAE Combo connectors

CoRe+™ Series

Versatile Level 2 charging stations for parking areas of any size.


Rugged Level 2 charging station with securely locked connector.


Dual Level 2 charging station are designed for curbside installation and can charge two vehicles at once.


Fast charging stations designed for enabling EV drivers to charge quickly when on the move.

Why EV charging?
FLO fuels the electric transportation revolution and we want you to come along for the ride.
Future-proof your business
Future-proof your business
As the number of EVs on the road increases, customers will expect shops, restaurants, and hotels to provide charging infrastructure.
Achieve sustainability goals
Deploy EV charging stations to meet government mandates and position your business as eco-friendly and forward thinking.
Put your business on the map
Boost customer traffic and build brand loyalty by installing EV charging infrastructure. EV drivers can locate your business to charge.
Generate a new revenue stream
Not only will charging stations have a positive impact on your business—they can even help you generate additional revenue.
Find a FLO Partner

Here’s your chance to join the fast-growing electric mobility movement. Partner with FLO to deliver your customers the best EV charging experience available for business, including:

  • Complete, thoughtfully designed solutions
  • Reliable products that are designed to last
  • 24/7 customer support
EV Charging FAQs

We’ve put together the more commonly asked questions to give you more information about FLO and our products and services. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why work with FLO for EV charging?

For years, we’ve provided turnkey charging solutions powered by a robust charging network and comprehensive support.

The benefits of choosing FLO:

  • Reliable charging stations
  • Assembled in North America with great care
  • Durable solutions for all environments, including extreme weather and vandalism-prone areas
  • 24/7 support for EV drivers from a North America-based call center
  • Roaming access to several major North American charging networks, including ChargePoint, Electric Circuit, e-Charge Network, BC Hydro EV, and Shell Recharge
What EVs are compatible with FLO charging stations?

FLO’s Level 2 charging stations feature a J1772 connector and are compatible with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle models in North America. Our fast chargers are compatible with vehicles equipped with CHAdeMO or SAE Combo charging ports.

Tesla vehicles are compatible with FLO charging stations when using the Tesla to J1772 or Tesla to CHAdeMO adapter provided by Tesla.

Which commercial EV charger is right for me?

Consider these factors when selecting an EV charging model:

  • How long do you expect your vehicles to be plugged in?
  • What type of location will host the charging stations?
  • Will the chargers be public or private?
  • How many vehicles do you expect to charge at the same time?

Our experts can help you find the ideal charging solution for your organization.

Can my business benefits from rebates or incentive programs?

The short answer is yes (most likely)! There are many government or utility funded programs out there to help businesses offset the costs of installing EV charging infrastructure. FLO can offer you the support and expertise necessary to determine the ideal EV charging infrastructure for your needs and guide you through the application process.

You can find incentive programs available in your area here.

From curbside to mountainside - taking EV charging to new peaks with Crystal Mountain Resort

Our friends at Crystal Mountain Resort recently installed our CoRe+TM charging stations to offer their customers a durable, reliable EV charging solution for all seasons. The excitement and high utilization are proof that EV charging is an amenity that’s in high demand!

Take advantage of EVSE incentives

Governments and utilities offer a wide range of business EV charger subsidies, tax credits, and rebates that make EV charging infrastructure more affordable.

In-transit charging
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We’ll help you plan your EV charging deployment. Contact us today to find the best solution for your organization.