Owner's Portal

One-stop station management

Whether you’re operating public, commercial, or fleet EV charging stations, FLO’s handy web portal lets you manage, monitor, and configure them with ease.

About the Web Portal

We’ll make management of your network-connected FLO EV chargers easier. The EV station owners’ web portal is an essential tool in our Global Management Services.


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Dynamic power sharing

Status Updates

The portal gives you regular updates about the health and activity of your stations, so you can identify and resolve any potential issues before they happen. The result: maximum uptime.

High performance

Analytics, insights & reporting

Need info to make business decisions about your stations? This is how you’ll collect it. You’ll have access to smart reporting tools to analyze and gain insights about usage, uptime and energy consumption.

Remarkably reliable & durable

Access control

Configure stations for use by specific drivers or make them available to all.

2. Pull up and park

Billing modes

Select the right billing mode for you and your customers, including: fixed rate per session, time spent charging, amount of energy consumed, escalating rates, adjustable rate based on time of day

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Owner’s Management Portal Training

In this video, our application engineer will do a comprehensive walkthrough of all the available features in our online station owner’s management portal (CSNMS).

Global Management Services (GMS)

FLO’s Global Management Services (GMS) provide 24/7 support by proactively monitoring and updating your network-connected charging stations for you.

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