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FLO Home™

An industry leader in speed and reliability, the FLO Home™ Level 2 EV charging stations power your vehicle's battery 5x faster than a standard AC adapter.

Solutions you can trust

We don’t just coast on our reputation. FLO works every day to build the best home Level 2 EV charging stations in the market.

High performance

Our Level 2 charging stations charge 5X faster than using a Level 1 charger. In fact, they recharge most battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in approximately 6-8 hours, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) in 2-3 hours.

Built to Outlast

Robust & reliable

Our chargers are protected by a durable, 3-mm thick aluminum case that’s designed to work from the frozen tundra of the arctic to the scorching heat of death valley.  With FLO, you can charge your EV in the most extreme weather conditions with complete confidence.

Universal compatibility

Our stations work with nearly all BEVs and PHEV s on the market. But if you’d like to make sure your model works with FLO, you can check it here.

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FLO Home X5
The details

But wait, there’s more. Here are a few other ways our chargers provide the best experience on the market.

FLO mobile app
Smart features

When paired with the FLO app, you can schedule your charge, track energy usage, manage user access, and avoid peak energy rates.1

Future-proof updates

FLO provides continuous automatic firmware updates to ensure that new vehicle makes & models are always compatible.1

Dynamic power sharing

Ready to add a second charger to your home? Our home EV stations are designed to pair and operate two FLO Home™ X5 stations from a single 40A breaker. This avoids costly electrical panel upgrades.1

Convenient cable management
Built-in cable management

Our integrated cable holster makes it easy to keep the 25ft cable well in hand; no tripping or running it over with the wheels.

FLO Home™ G5 & X5 models: compared

The FLO Home™ Level 2 station offers two models: G5 & X5. Both offer the same great fast charging. Plus, the X5 provides enhanced smart features for your charging experience.

FLO Home G5
FLO Home™ G5

Durable 100% aluminum case with a sleek design and built-in cable holster.

FLO Home X5
FLO Home™ X5 – Smart Charger

The X5 connects to our mobile app, offering smart features that make scheduling and controlling your usage and access even easier.

Level 2
Charging Level
Level 2
Power Output
-40F to 122F
Operating Temperature
-40F to 122F
Network Connectivity
Mobile App Connectivity
Smart Features Access & Firmware Updates
Dynamic Power Sharing
Meet the FLO Home X5

Elegantly designed with smart features to optimize your charging experience. Review your charging history, monitor energy consumption, and with Smart Scheduling you can program the time you charge and manage energy output, which will help you reduce energy cost – all from the easy to use FLO App.

Installation made easy

We have partnered with Qmerit Installation Services to provide an easy one-stop shop for getting your charger installed by a certified electrician in your area.

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Michael Kim


This home charging station is engineered to a higher level for durability and weather resistance. We can’t think of a tougher home charging station product on the market for outdoor installation. The FLO app takes scheduling to another level. FLO does scheduling better than any other product we have seen so far.

Read the full review here.


Aurelio Sita

FLO Home™ Customer – 5-star rating


This home charger was recommended by my electrician. After doing my own research, I concurred. It is sturdy, easy to use and looks great. We’ve had a few very cold days and it functions like a charm.

Easier in every way
Free delivery

Free delivery

Available for orders within Canada & US.

3 year limited warranty

3-Year warranty

We offer a comprehensive warranty for peace of mind.

Universal vehicle compatibility

Our chargers are tested and developed to work with most PHEVs& BEVs on the market.

customer support

24/7 customer support

We’re here to support you when you need it.

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Product manuals

Resellers and electrical contractors: You’ll find specification sheets and installation guides, by model, for FLO Home™ chargers right here.

FLO Home™ G5

Find all the information you need to make installing the FLO Home G5 seamless and easy. Please ensure a certified electrician is used for the installation for safety and eligibility to for available incentive programs.

PDF Specification Sheet 3MB PDF Installation Guide 5MB

FLO Home™ X5

Find all the information you need to make installing the FLO Home X5 seamless and easy. Please ensure a certified electrician is used for the installation for safety and eligibility to for available incentive programs.

PDF Specification Sheet 9MB PDF Installation Guide 3MB
FLO Network
Charge on-the-go

Even home charger owners do as much as 20% of their charging on the road — sometimes when they need it most.*

Rest assured, the FLO Network has you covered, with access to over 70,000 Level 2 & DC Fast chargers across North America.**

You can conveniently re-charge wherever you go, all from the easy-to-use FLO app.