EV charging at home

Home is where your EV charging station is

80% of charging happens at home. Learn how to electrify your home to ensure your electric vehicle (EV) is always ready for your next adventure.

Level up your EV charging equipment

Why EV drivers upgrade to level 2 chargers

Level 2 & DC fast Chargers

Faster charge

Most EVs and plug-in hybrids fully charge overnight with Level 2 charging whereas a Level 1 charger can take 20+ hours to fully charge an EV.

Complete Solutions


Charging is right outside your front door and with a dedicated wall charger, you can easily wrap up the cable and connector to keep your space tidy.

Always ready

With a fully charged EV every morning, no adventure is off-limits, and you can always come back home to refill each night.

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Home isn’t one-size-fits-all

Regardless of where you lay your head each night, your EV still needs a charge. Here are the top considerations for different types of homes and parking situations to get the right type of home EV charging for you.

Sophisticated charging
Single-family homes

For indoor garage use, ensure you have ample cable length and a convenient way to store the connector to prevent tripping. For outdoor parking, make sure your charger holds a type 4X rating for top-tier weather protection. Additionally, confirm that it’s either hardwired or equipped with proper outlet protection for NEMA 14-50 outlet versions. If your parking spot is farther from the house, consider a pedestal for easier access between your EV and the charger.

Condos & townhouses

Contacting your association might be necessary for EV charging installation. In shared spaces, choose a smart charger that gives you control over usage. When installing outdoors, make sure your charger holds a type 4X rating for top-tier weather protection.

Apartment living

When an association or property management company owns the lot, you’ll need to work with them to install EV charging. If you are parking on the street, it’s best to find nearby Level 2 public charging to charge as needed.

City dwellers

In shared spaces, choose a smart charger that gives you control over usage. When installing outdoors, make sure your charger holds a type 4X rating for top-tier weather protection and choose a high-quality enclosure material that can withstand the test of time and public abuse.

Rural retreats

Reliability and durability are crucial, requiring a type 4X type charger that can withstand the elements. Go for the essentials and ensure any smart charger will continue to work offline.

Curbside parking

Streetside parking? No problem. It’s easy to find nearby Level 2 and DC fast chargers to get charged up and ready to go.

Choose the level 2 charger that is uniquely you

FLO residential chargers

FLO Home X6
Maximum power & current: 12 kW @240V / 50A (adjustable from 6 to 50A)
Maximum power & current: 19.2 kW @240V / 80A (adjustable from 6 to 80A)
Type 4X enclosure: Waterproof, impact and corrosion-resistant industrial-grade thermoplastic
Type 4X enclosure: Waterproof, impact and corrosion-resistant recyclable aluminum
Flexible design: Detachable cable & connector holder
Hardwire: Compatible with copper & aluminum wiring
NEMA 14-50 plug: Embedded heat sensor & 24 inch cord
Daisy-chain: 2 or more chargers on the same circuit
Compatible with any EV
Flexible, commercial-grade cable: 7.62m (25 ft)
FLO app smart features: Restrict Access, Create schedules, charging history, real-time charging status and notifications
Warranty: Industry-leading 5-year
Backed by 15 years of EV charging experience
Ultimate home charging guide

Go from a charging novice to a charging pro with this guide that walks through everything from the charging basics such as kW and amps to important considerations such as safety and NEMA ratings.

FLO Home
Smart EV charging at home

Easily schedule your charging sessions for security or to take advantage of lower electricity rates. See real-time charging status. Access thousands of chargers on-the-go in our network and start your session with a tap.

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Installation made easy

We have partnered with Qmerit Installation Services to provide an easy one-stop shop for EV charger electrical services in your area.

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