FLO for Utilities

FLO EV charging for utilities

By introducing EV charging, you’re future-proofing your electrical infrastructure, supporting EV adoption, and helping lead the way towards a more sustainable future.

Why EV charging for ultities?
Why your utility needs EV charging

Are you prepared for the EV revolution? The dramatic increase of electric vehicles on the road provides challenges and opportunities for every kind of utility.

  • Improve grid reliability – FLO charging stations make it easy to take pressure off the EV infrastructure. We enable you to encourage customers to charge off-peak with time-of-use rates and demand response programs.
  • Take a leadership role – Our hassle-free products and services make it easy to get ahead of anticipated climate mandates, partner with local governments, and show your commitment to the local environment.
  • Support electric vehicle adoption – Utility companies are uniquely positioned to support the transition to electric—especially with reliable FLO EV charging stations in your corner.
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Why your utility needs FLO

With over a decade of experience working with utilities, FLO can help future-proof your grid, making it easier for you to navigate the challenges ahead.


Reliable charging stations

Our EV charging stations are made of aluminum and other high-quality materials for maximum climate resistance and long-term durability.

Owner portal

Integration with top data aggregators

Through OpenADR 2.0 or FLO’s flexible API, we support integration with utility demand response and smart grid programs to control EV charging stations.

End-to-end solutions

We offer thoughtfully designed, hassle-free EV charging stations for all types of deployment and a range of helpful services to keep your stations running.

FLO Mobile App

Great driver experience

The FLO mobile app for iOS and Android makes it easy for members to manage their FLO experience wherever they are, using only their smartphone.

FLO network

Backed by the FLO network

FLO member can access more than 100,000 public EV charging stations in North America with a single membership.

EV Charger

Hardware that protects your investment

Our agreements with the OCPI and OCPP enable you to use whichever network or software you prefer to access our chargers.

Proven track record

Experienced partner

With over 12 years of experience, FLO understands the complexities of deploying EV charging infrastructure.

Backed by FLO

Trusted by EV drivers

FLO is a leading North American EV charging network with more than +420k members across the US and Canada.

Case Study

Golden Valley Electric Association

Reliability is key when deploying EV charging infrastructure in extreme weather conditions. FLO and the Alaska-based Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA) have worked together to deploy the northernmost public DC fast chargers in North America.

Commercial EV charging solutions

FLO offers industry-leading hardware for all deployments, complete with a range of software and services. We’ve got you covered from planning and consulting to operation and maintenance.

Commercial EV charging solutions
Electrify your fleet

FLO can help you through every step of your utility’s electrification process. Our EV charging programs, exclusive energy management technologies and complete suite of hardware and software are designed with your needs in mind.

Electrify your fleet
Smart EV residential solutions

The FLO Home™ X5 is a smart residential charging station that’s a reliable favorite for utility-led residential EV charging programs across North America.

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Roy Rada

Manager – E-mobility Demonstration Projects, Con Edison

FLO has provided an exceptional level of customer service at all stages of the curbside EV charging project that we are collaborating on. Con Edison is highly appreciative of FLO’s efforts that have led to the success of this project.
FLO Home Charger
FLO Home™ X5

This smart Level 2 residential charging station is used in utility-led residential EV charging programs across North America.

Built to outlast
Robust and durable
100% aluminum casing with high-resistance coating.
Stable connection
Ensure optimal performance with network connectivity using power line communication (PLC) technology.
Backed by FLO
Superior mobile experience
EV owners can pair their FLO Home™ X5 charging station to the mobile app.
Weather resistant
Certified to operate at temperatures ranging from -40 °F to 122°F (-40 °C to 50 °C).
Commercial charging solutions
Smart charging station for workplaces and fleets

FLO’s CoRe+™ Level 2 charging stations are the ideal solution for utilities looking to offer EV charging as part of their employee benefits program or for those looking to electrify their fleet of vehicles.

  • Made with care in North America
  • Wall-mounted and pedestal configuration options
  • Rugged and reliable design able to withstand harsh weather
Commercial charging solutions
The versatile, reliable and fast Level 2 charging station

Ideal for light and medium duty EV fleets and public charging application, FLO’s CoRe+ MAX™ is a smart 80A Level 2 charging station. It offers the same key features as the CoRe+ with an increased power output.

  • Maximum power output of up to 19.2 kW
  • Designed with durability in mind
  • Customizable power levels using an integrated 10-position rotary switch
Commercial charging solutions
Level 2 charging station designed for public locations

FLO’s SmartTWO™ Level 2 charging stations are ideal for utilities looking to deploy charging infrastructure at sites exposed to harsh weather conditions or vandalism like outdoor or public parking lots.

  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Patented door locking mechanism to protect the connector
  • Compatible with 100% of BEV and PHEV available in North America
Commercial charging solutions
Fast charger for EV drivers in-transit charging needs

Built with ruggedness and reliability in mind, the SmartDC™ fast charger let EV drivers charge quickly on the go. Ideal for sites located near transit corridors or busy parking lots, DC fast chargers can also complement Level 2 charging stations in cities and provide an additional option to residents of multi-unit residential buildings.

  • Maximum power output of 50 kW or 100 kW
  • Modular design for easy serviceability
  • Equipped with both CHAdeMO and SAE Combo connectors


Versatile Level 2 charging station for parking areas of any size.

CoRe+ MAX™

Smart 80A Level 2 charging station ideal for light and medium duty EV fleets.


Rugged Level 2 charging station with securely locked connector.


Fast charging stations designed for enabling EV drivers to charge quickly when on the move.

Cooperative purchasing
Compliant, competitive, and convenient

We make the buying process easier and more affordable for public power utilities and cooperatives with our cooperative purchasing contract through Sourcewell.