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Charging your workplace

Workplace charging is the preferred EV location for many drivers. It’s convenient and helps you attract the best talent or office tenants.

Make them work for your business

Workplace charging is a valuable tool to attract and retain employees. And as many markets experience historically low vacancy rates in commercial real estate, savvy businesses are taking advantage of the lower traffic to install their EV charging stations now. 

  • Retain talent and keep employees happyAs more electric drivers hit the road, employees will view their ability to charge vehicles at work as an essential pull factor for employment.  
  • Modernize and future-proof your buildingIt’s a growing trend: more and more drivers expect EV charging in workplaces, making it the second-most requested charging location. 
  • Attract eco-conscious employees and tenantsGet ahead of the curve and position your business as an early adopter of the future of transportation. 

Say Hello to better investments

Optimize the EV charging experience for your customers and future-proof your investment. Get your free Executive Guide to EV Charging Infrastructure.

Why your workplace needs FLO

EV charging is a useful company perk and a great way to show your commitment to sustainability. Here’s how FLO makes it worry-free as well. 

We’ve thought about everything!

By doing everything in-house, we control our manufacturing, software design, public charging network, marketing and sales. In connecting all these pieces of the value chain, we offer the best end-to-end charging experience for our customers in any scenario. The buck stops with us! Customers have one single point of contact – FLO.       


We're deeply committed to providing the best quality   

We’re committed to provide quality EV charging infrastructure. We’re constantly working to enhance our software, hardware and services which all together deliver an exceptional experience for our customers.    

Proven track record

 First-class experience

Employees using your stations have access to our 24/7 toll-free support line. Stations are proactively monitored to ensure service quality and resolve potential issues in real-time.

Made for the urban environment

We're in your corner

Maximizing your savings is part of who we are and how we work. Efficient operation of your power conversion system requires proper equipment configuration and ongoing system maintenance. Our dedicated team provides you with hassle-free installation, easy management and on-going support.        


Together, we’ll create an amazing future

Our customers are partners. We are committed to show you how to operate your charging stations in your workplace.

Integration with top data aggregators

We’ll continue driving sustainable value 

From inception, we can build your plan in phases that can be deployed in time as EV demand grows in accordance with your infrastructure. Versatility and Scalability are qualities that have helped our customers succeed. 

One-stop shopping

We'll keep you current

FLO is constantly working with the automotive industry to ensure that your charging stations stay compatible with each new generation of electric vehicles.

Safe and user-friendly

You can count on us for years to come 

FLO is constantly working with industry leaders in the automotive industry to create a reliable basis for compatible charging and new development of modular systems, now and in the future. 

What is Energy Management?

The goal of energy management is to monitor and optimize electricity usage to lower costs and reduce emissions without disrupting operations.

These systems offer a level of control and automation that standard electric meters, traditional controls and manual monitoring can’t produce.

Energy management systems come in many forms, watch our video and discover how our patented technologies work to save you up to 45% per year on energy costs.

What makes a EV station smart?

The answer to what makes charging stations smart is simple! It is cloud-based EV charging software that manages and communicates with all the parties involved.

At FLO, it’s called our Global Management Services and it includes everything you need to provide seamless charging for drivers, giving you total peace of mind.

  • 24/7 toll-free support line for EV drivers using your stations
  • Proactive station monitoring to ensure service quality and resolve potential issues in real-time
  • PCI compliant billing for secure and reliable payment processing if a fleet driver needs to access a network charging station
  • Access to a dedicated web portal for station management and usage tracking
  • Real-time station status available to EV drivers via the FLO website, mobile app and third-party platforms
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Marc Duchesne

Vice-President, Bell Canada, Corporate Security and Responsibility

We are proud to support our employees who make the change, especially as electric vehicles are becoming more and more mainstream. The charging stations from FLO are dynamic, they're versatile and they also enable us to grow our network of charging stations. That was for sure one of the key reasons why we selected them as a partner.
Which one is right for you?

CoRe+ MAXTM charging stations leverage modular architecture and a list of perks designed to make EV charging work for you. They’re extremely versatile, durable and fast!

  • Get the fastest level 2 charger available in North America with up to 80A and speed of up to 19.2 kW
  • Adjust the power output with the 10-position rotary dial
  • Save on energy: up to 45% savings per year with patented PowerSharingTM and PowerLimitingTM technologies
  • Leverage our Cascading Kit to enable serial daisy-chain connection of multiple charging stations on the same branch circuit
  • Keep the cable safely off the ground with our cable management system
  • Trust our turnkey solutions to ensure a smooth White Glove installation


Which one is right for you?

SmartTWOTM charging stations are specifically designed for curbside installation, making them ideal for city streets or busy areas. Their sleek design blends in harmoniously while making them easy to locate from a distance.

  • Get dual level 2 chargers with 30A and speed of up to 7.2 kW
  • Leverage unique locking mechanism to protect the connectors and resist vandalism; door unlocks on authentification
  • Save on energy: up to 45% savings per year with patented PowerSharingTM and PowerLimitingTM technologies
  • Keep the cables safe and off the ground with our cable management system
  • Trust our turnkey solutions to ensure a smooth White Glove installation
Which one is right for you?

SmartDCTM is our high-power solution for fast EV charging. This station is equipped with both CHAdeMO and SAE Combo (CCS1) connectors, they’re universally compatible with all models of ully electric vehicles.

  • Choose between 50 kW or 100 kW model
  • Have both SAE Combo (CCS1) and CHAdeMO connectors available, compatible with all Evs on the road
  • Save on energy: up to 45% savings per year with patented PowerSharingTM and PowerLimitingTM technologies
  • Keep the cables safe and off the ground with our cable management system


Fastest level 2 charging station in North America. Ideal for semi-private, commercial and industrial applications. 80A and speed of up to 19.2 kW


Smart dual-charging station with connector doors that open with authentification. Ideal for public and curbside use, and resist most vandalism. 30A with speed of up to 7.2 kW


Universal fast-charging station ideal for businesses close to a transit corridor or busy parking lots where vehicles need to charge quickly. 65A or 130A with speeds of 50 kW or 100 kW.

More reasons to choose FLO

Great design, great quality, made by great people.


Modular architecture

The special modular design of our EV charging stations allows for fast and easy replacement of parts, even if they can’t be done in-field. You will likely never have to remove the whole unit from the cement.


Rugged as all outdoors

Our products are made with thick aluminum casing and study components able to withstand extreme weather, corrosion and rough handling. Our game-changing feature means your stations are durable.


Made in North America

FLO is a leading North American EV charging network operator and a smart charging solutions provider. Our high-quality charging stations are assembled with care in Michigan and Quebec. “Made in America” policies are designed to increase reliance on domestic supply chains.


You could be eligible

Now, you can attract customers and show you care about the environment while saving a few bucks. you’ll find several government subsidies, rebates and incentives that can reduce the upfront cost of EV charging stations.

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