FLO Performance Warranty

EV Charging Performance, Guaranteed

The FLO Performance warranty protects your charging investment and provides the ultimate peace of mind. We have you covered with an industry leading uptime guarantee of at least 98%, 24/7 proactive monitoring and support, and priority maintenance service from our expert team. Now that’s a performance warranty done right.

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Performance Warranty

Performance Warranty Brochures

The FLO Performance warranty has you covered with an industry-leading uptime guarantee, proactive support, and priority service.

Guaranteed uptime of at least 98%

At FLO, we stand behind the reliability of our products and our network. With the FLO Performance warranty, we guarantee that your stations will achieve a minimum of 98% uptime at a station level. In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to meet this uptime that we will refund 50% of your annual service fee if we don’t. And it’s easy to stay on top of your stats with customized quarterly reporting for usage and performance visibility.

Proactive support

Stay ahead of problems

Our expert team proactively monitors your charging stations 24/7 so we know when something is not working before your customers do. If we cannot fix the issue remotely, we will dispatch a qualified FLO-trained technician within one business day.

Keeping your equipment healthy

The FLO Performance warranty also provides one preventative maintenance visit per year for DC fast chargers to ensure the equipment is working at peak performance.

Priority service

Up and running faster

With the FLO Performance warranty, we offer priority service for commissioning and activation of your new equipment so you can start providing charging services sooner.

Support when you need it

Time is money, that’s why our performance warranty provides a response time of one business day to have a technician on-site for most service issues so you are back up and running as soon as possible. The FLO Performance warranty lets you focus on business matters that count while knowing your charging investment is running smoothly.

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