Network management
Network management

Global Management Services

FLO’s Global Management Services (GMS) provide 24/7 support by proactively monitoring and updating your network-connected charging stations.

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Global Management Services
FLO’s network, your peace of mind

Our Global Management Services (GMS) ensure your stations stay up-to-date and visible to EV drivers. We’ll even take care of your billing process, and you’ll be free to focus on your business.

  • Avoid issues – Keep your charging stations up and running with FLO’s remote monitoring, and software and firmware updates.
  • Maximize uptime – FLO is a leading North American EV charging network with an impressive 98% uptime across its network.
  • Enjoy peace of mind – We’ll take care of your charging stations so you can focus on what matters for you: managing your business.
Unlock your charging stations’ full potential

FLO’s Global Management Services give you complete control of your EV charging stations.

Multiple payment methods

Integrated payment system

Just select your fee. FLO handles the entire billing process, saving you precious time. Our network-connected stations include a PCI-DSS compliant payment system that allows for the management of credit card transactions through the mobile application.

Global Management Services

Future-proofed stations

Your GMS license ensures that FLO’s network-connected station software and firmware automatically updates your chargers to accommodate the next generation of EVs. To ensure the best connectivity, FLO will also upgrade the communication gateway’s hardware, when needed, at no additional cost.


Online presence

All public network-connected stations are displayed on the FLO website and in the FLO app using our real-time mapping software. These stations are also integrated into third-party platforms, making them easy to locate within most EV network apps.

Session authentication

Session authentication options

Activate your network-connected FLO stations from anywhere by using the FLO app or your FLO card.

Remote monitoring

Remote station monitoring

FLO’s Network Operations Center proactively monitors every network-connected station’s activity. They’ll identify and resolve any potential issue to ensure maximum uptime.

Owner portal

Owner web portal

This portal gives you a handy dashboard to control station access or restrict charging to specific drivers. It even provides you with a snapshot of your charging stations, including usage and revenue.

Roaming services

Roaming services

FLO has roaming agreements with some of North America’s largest EV charging networks. That’s why a single FLO membership gives you access to thousands of EV charging points.

Customer support

24/7 driver support

EV drivers can obtain immediate assistance in accessing a charger, no matter the time of day, directly from FLO.

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EV Charging FAQs
Frequently asked questions

We’ve put together the more commonly asked questions about FLO’s Global Management Services. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do I need to sign a contract for the Global Management Services?

The Global Management Services (GMS) is acquired at the time of purchase of your charging stations. With this purchase and its payment, you accept the terms and conditions attached to the GMS and no contract is necessary.

What are the costs associated to the GMS?

There is a fixed cost per charging station that is different between Level 2 and DC fast chargers. Contact your sales representative to find out how much it would cost for your deployment.

Can I only renew my subscription for one year?

Yes, but we recommend that you renew your GMS subscription for several years to protect yourself from price increases.

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For a worry-free charging station experience

FLO’s Global Management Services provide industry-leading support, and a full range of services. They’ll ensure your EV charging stations are always ready to charge.

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