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EV charging for convenience, oil & gas

Grow your revenue and increase brand perception with our reliable and fast EV charging solutions.

Why fueling and convenience charging?
Fueling the future

In a world where electric mobility is booming, EV charging can provide immense benefits to gas stations and c-store retailers – from retaining existing customers as they transition to EVs to a potential increase in customer spending.

  • Put your business on the map – EV drivers rely on apps to locate charging stations – as a site host, people will seek out convenience stores with available chargers.
  • Increase in-store sales – Charging takes longer than pumping gas, so EV charging represents a significant opportunity for c-store retailers to increase dwell time and maximize revenue, from forecourt to backcourt.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint – Customers value environmental consciousness and tend to prefer dealing with companies putting sustainability at the forefront of their business.
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Why your convenience store needs FLO

EV charging stations can help you increase foot traffic and shopping time. Here’s why you should choose FLO.


Leading industry uptime

With 98% uptime*, FLO chargers are ready for drivers when they need it most.


Built for all environments

We don’t compromise on quality. Our charging stations are engineered to handle the heat and weather the cold.

FLO Mobile App

Great driver experience

The FLO mobile app for iOS and Android allows members to manage their FLO experience wherever they are, using only their smartphone.

Multiple payment methods

Flexible billing options

Choose the billing that suits your needs either by session, length of time – for faster turnover – or by kilowatt hour (where applicable).


Complete hardware flexibility

The FLO Ultra™ DC fast charger is OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) 1.6 and 2.0.1 compatible.

FLO network

Backed by the FLO network

Get access to a large existing EV driver base of over 420,000 members across North America.

Customer support

Comprehensive support

If something goes wrong, we’ve got your back. FLO’s Network Operations Center monitors station activity to ensure maximum uptime.

Global Management Services

Best-in-class services

Protect your investment with FLO’s Global Management Services (GMS) and Performance warranty.

The FLO mobile app

EV drivers can find nearby stations through the FLO mobile app – compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – making it easy for them to locate your business.

Host a FLO site

FLO’s new deployment model allows site owners to provide a tangible amenity without any responsibility for planning, installing, and operating a charging deployment. FLO now provides site owners the opportunity to host EV chargers at qualified sites.

FLO Own And Operate
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FLO Ultra
FLO Ultra™

The FLO Ultra™ all-in-one DC fast charger delivers the ultimate fast charging experience for every EV driver.

Smart design
Smart design
Optimize your real estate with an all-in-one DC fast charger with flexible parking configuration options (pull-in or pull-through parking configurations).
Trust the FLO Ultra™ charger to work in the harshest weather, thanks to a non-corrosive 3R aluminum enclosure and a unique heating and hybrid cooling system.
Sophisticated charging
Easy to install and scale
Its modular architecture makes it easy to service and maintain, and allows for expansion as the demand for EV charging infrastructure grows.
Rebates and Incentives
Rebates and incentives
With rebates, subsidies, and tax credits available from federal/municipal governments and utility companies, installing your EV charging infrastructure has become far more affordable.
Commercial charging solutions
Fast charger for EV drivers in-transit charging needs

Built with reliability in mind, the SmartDC™ fast charger lets EV drivers charge quickly on the go. Ideal for sites located near transit corridors providing on-site amenities.

  • Maximum power output of 50 kW or 100 kW
  • Modular design for easy serviceability
  • Equipped with both CHAdeMO and SAE Combo connectors
Commercial charging solutions
Level 2 charging station designed for public locations

FLO’s SmartTWO™ Level 2 charging stations are ideal for site hosts looking to deploy charging infrastructure at public parking lots. They can also complement DC fast chargers at fueling and retail locations.

  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Patented door locking mechanism to protect the connector

Compatible with 100% of BEV and PHEV available in North America


Fast charging stations designed for enabling EV drivers to charge quickly when on the move.


Rugged Level 2 charging station with securely locked connector.

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FLO Ultra