SmartTWOTM Public EV chargers

Designed for public and curbside use, and sturdy enough to resist most vandalism and extreme weather, rely on SmartTWOTM charging stations to usher your city to a greener future.

Instant Civic Improvement

Set your city up for the EV revolution by installing SmartTWOTM EV charging stations. They’re practically indestructible and offer high uptime.

Rugged and reliable

SmartTWOTM charging stations offers a rugged, weather- and vandalism- resistant aluminum enclosure, withstanding the beating public chargers endure most days. And our patented door locking mechanism protects your valuable charging connector.


Versatile and easy to use

They’re built to accommodate multiple curbside charging configuration needs with versatile wall, pedestal and pole-mount installation options.

Unique curbside solution

SmartTWO-BSRTM charging stations are specifically designed for curbside installation, making them ideal for city streets or busy areas. SmartTWO-BSRTM  stations can power two EVs simultaneously and are equipped with a clever cable management system that retracts its cables after each use.

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The FLO SmartTWOTM advantage

Our reliable, extremely durable SmartTWOTM chargers offer a full range of accessories and services designed for the best possible charging experience. 

Convenient cable management
Convenient cable management

The SmartTWOTM is crafted to keep your station operable and safe from tripping hazards. Its twistedsteel cable design eliminates tearing, and its unique counterweight system ensures smooth retraction.

Integrated electrical panel & gateway
Integrated electrical panel & gateway

The SmartTWO-BSRTM station is designed so that the utility meter and electrical subpanel can be easily integrated directly with the charging station. This saves you money on installation.  

Backed by FLO
Backed by FLO

Rest easy with complete after-sale support via FLO’s Network Operation Center and 24/7 EV driver phone support. And with manufacturing and assembly in North America, spare parts are readily available, limiting possible downtime. 

Global Management Services
Global Management Services

We’ll provide dependable station monitoring with automatic software and firmware updates, alarms and remote diagnostic services. You’ll maintain complete control of your stations public access, enabling you to restrict use to specific drivers if needed. 

Extensive Warranty
Extensive warranty

FLO stands behind our craftsmanship with one of the most extensive warranties in the industry.

Compare SmartTWOTMCharging Stations
Aluminum Enclosure (type 3R)
Input Power 208-240V @ 60 Hz
Integrated GFCI 20 mA
Operating Temperature: -40 °F to 122 °F / -40°C to +50°C
Customizable Signage Panel
RFID Card Reader
Communication Interface: ZigBee Meshed Network
Networking: Cellular 4G LTE
Charging Power: 6.2kW-7.2kW (30A at 208V or 240V)
ADA Compliant (US Only)
SAE J1772 Connector(s)
7.6 m / 25-ft
Premium Cable
6.7 m / 22 -ft
30A (1x)
Output Current
30A (2x)
Case Study: City of Los Angeles

As part of their “Green New Deal”, the city of Los Angeles has committed to transitioning to a more sustainable model of transportation in the immediate future and they partnered with FLO.

Case Study: City of Kingston, Ontario

The City has developed a Climate Action Plan which aims to cut greenhouse (GHG) emissions from the community by 30 per cent by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2040. A key element of this work has been the deployment of a comprehensive EV charging network, and they chose to partner with FLO.

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Paul MacLatchy

Environmental Director, City of Kingston, Ontario, Canada


You only get one chance to be an early adopter with something like this, so there was a ‘time is of the essence’ element to electric vehicle technology.

The deployment of these networked charging stations was very well aligned with the City of Kingston’s mantra of innovation and our strategic commitment to climate leadership.

Technical Specifications
Physical components
  • Aluminum Type 3R enclosure 
  • SAE J1772 connector(s) 
  • RFID card reader: ISO 14443 A/B, ISO 15693, NFC 
  • Customizable signage panel: (H x W): 500 mm (19.7″) x 175 mm (6.9″) 
  • Cable: 6.4 m/ 21-ft (standard), 7.62 m / 25-ft (optional) 
  • Weight: SmartTWOTM: Wall-mounted configuration: 20 kg (45 lbs) Pole-mounted configuration: 27 kg (59 lbs) , SmartTWO BSRTM: 79.4 kg (175 lbs)
Electrical & network specifications
  • Standard: 30 A @ 208 VAC or 240 VAC for each charging station 
  • Charging power: 6.2kW-7.2kW (30A at 208V or 240V)  
  • Output current: 30A 
  • Frequency: 60 Hz 
  • Integrated GFCI 20 mA, auto reset  
  • Communication interface: ZigBee – IEEE 802.15.4 meshed network 
  • Networking: Cellular – 4G LTE  
Environmental specifications & certifications
  • Operating temperature: -40 °F to 122 °F / -40 °C to +50 °C 
  • Storage temperature: -40 °F to 158 °F / -40 °C to +70 °C Humidity: Up to 95% (non-condensing) 
  • ADA compliant (SmartTWO-BSR, US only) 


  • CSA certified for Canada and United States  
  • UL 2594 
  • UL 2231-1 
  • UL 2231-2 

 EMC compliance 

  • USA – FCC 47 CFR 15, class A 
  • CAN – ICES-3 (A) / NMB-3 (A