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We are pleased to share our latest ESG report, showcasing our 2023 ESG efforts. In this report, we provide valuable insights into our sustainable practices and progress. 

At FLO, our mission is to help overcome climate change and accelerate EV adoption by offering the best charging experience. We understand the critical importance of widespread, accessible EV charging infrastructure in the movement to electrify the transportation sector and move towards a low-carbon economy. ​

As one of the largest EV charging networks in North America, we recognize the importance of advancing our environmental, social and governance (ESG) journey. To do so, we aim to manage ESG effectively within our company by embedding environmental stewardship, accessibility and sound governance practices in our business activities and charging network. We understand that engaging in responsible business management practices are necessary to ensure FLO’s long-term sustainability and growth. We firmly believe that upholding robust ESG practices will create long-term value for our customers, employees, and the communities in which we operate. ​


We take our environmental responsibilities seriously. ​

At the heart of our business is a network of EV charging stations that is helping to advance electric mobility and promoting a shift towards cleaner transportation options. ​

Beyond that, we are committed to monitoring and managing the energy performance of our corporate operations and assembly plants to reduce emissions and improve resource management. We also seek to evaluate the carbon intensity of our network of EV charging stations and prioritize renewable and low-carbon energy sources where we have control over energy use. And we proudly support energy efficiency by offering ENERGY STAR certified products. ​

Looking ahead, we have ambitious plans to expand data coverage, advocate for grid decarbonization, and enhance our resilience to climate change risks. Together, let’s make a positive impact on our planet.​



One of our core objectives is to prioritize people and make a positive impact. We are committed to putting accessibility and equity at the forefront of our operations, ensuring that everyone can benefit from our products and services.​

Our inclusive and diverse work environment fuels innovation and fosters collaboration, where every voice is heard and valued. We also actively engage with external stakeholders including businesses, municipalities and organizations to develop customized solutions that address their specific needs and contribute to a sustainable future. ​

By forging strong partnerships and working closely with our stakeholders, we aim to create a collective impact that goes beyond our immediate sphere of influence.



At FLO, we believe in strong governance that drives our success. Our Board of Directors brings ESG expertise borne from broad and extensive experience in the tech sector and green industries, as well as a deep understanding of North American ESG practices. We uphold high ethical standards and prioritize data privacy, cybersecurity, and business ethics. ​

Your trust and the security of your information are paramount to us. Follow us on our journey of responsible and reliable governance. ​


Delve into our comprehensive ESG report to gain more insights into our governance practices, social initiatives, environmental commitment, as well as our progress and future plans. ​

Charge up your positive environmental impact

FLO will donate $1 from every FLO charger sold up to $50K USD to One Tree Planted operations and tree planting to ensure the future longevity of our forests.


We invite you to explore our archived ESG reports, which highlight our continuous efforts to improve data quality and methodology. These reports reflect the year-to-year growth of our business and our unwavering dedication to understanding and promoting sustainability.​

2022 ESG Report