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Take the express route to one of the largest EV charging station networks in North America — and start earning exclusive EV driver rewards as well.

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An EV charging network that’s everywhere you need…and then some.



That’s how many EV drivers charge with us — with more joining every month.

+86K stations

Level 2 & DC Fast Charging stations*. Public, private, residential: Our installations span North America.

98%* uptime

Pull up to a FLO station for a fast charge you can count on.

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The benefits of membership

We provide EV drivers with great charging experiences every time.

Multiple payment methods
Multiple payment methods / pay your way

Get easy access to our network of stations with your FLO card or the FLO app. You can reload your wallet via the FLO app with most major credit card or Apple & Google Pay.

FLO Mobile App
The FLO app

Find stations, start your session, view your progress, view charging history, and add funds to your wallet — all from your phone or tablet.

Roaming services
Network roaming

A FLO membership gives you access to other charging networks, including BC Hydro, ChargePoint, Electric Circuit, E-Charge Network, and Shell Recharge Solutions.

Level 2 & DC fast Chargers
Access to both level 2 & DC fast chargers

Our network enables drivers to use either of these fast chargers.

Customer support
24/7 driver support

We’re here to help when you need it – 1-855-543-8356.

Katie & Steve Krivolavek

All Electric Family


The FLO app is great because you don’t need to have multiple apps on your phone to get all the information you need, you can easily find stations, start your charge, and find out if the charger is currently available. Watch the full review here.

EV Charging FAQs
Frequently asked questions

Let’s get you the information you need.

Is there an annual fee?

Creating a FLO Account is free — same goes for your FLO Perks. The only fees are when you add credit to your account to use at the stations.

How do I receive offers?

We send special offers via email, so make sure you’ve opted-in to receive promotional emails in your FLO account settings.

Is there anywhere I can charge my EV for free?

Possibly! Charging costs vary by site. Some station owners offer free charging and others add a fee, typically on a per-hour basis. The FLO app helps you find stations that meet your cost preferences.

Do I need a FLO membership to access my offers?

Yes. To access offers & discounts from our partners you must be a registered FLO Member. It’s easy to join by clicking here.

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