How FLO EV Charging Works

FLO keeps you charged for wherever your journey takes you.

Did you know?

Over 80% of electric vehicle charging occurs at home*.

Having a Level 2 residential station installed at your home is the optimal and convenient choice to recharge your EV. This is typically where long dwell times exist, combined with the ease of overnight charging when your vehicle remains idle.

If you don’t have the option for at-home charging, don’t worry! The FLO Network has you covered with access to thousands of public charging stations that can provide your EV a full charge or a top-up on those longer journeys.

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Understanding the 3 Levels of charging

EV charging comes with choices in re-charge speeds: slower, faster, & fastest. Which is right for you? Hint: They all are.

Level 1

The slowest option. An AC adapter that plugs into a standard 120V wall outlet which can add 3 to 8 kms of range per hour*. A full recharge can take 24 hours or more**. Ideal when a Level 2 charger is not available.


Level 2

The faster option. Uses a 208 or 240V hardwired or plug-in connection that provides a larger energy delivery which can add 20 to 50km of range per hour*. A full recharge can take between 8-12 hours**. For residential use and publicly available.


DC Fast

The fastest option. These chargers deliver Direct Current which bypass the on-board AC converter for the fastest energy delivery to the vehicle battery. Ability to recharge battery life from 0-80% within 40 mins or less**. Publicly available.

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What we do
Reliable charging solutions at the curb, your office, or home.

Stay charged at your residence with our FLO Home™ EV charger or top off while you’re out in the world using one of our many thousands of public Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers.

Charge at home

FLO’s industry-leading Level 2 home charging station works 8x faster than an AC adapter. It’s the perfect solution for powering your EV at home.

Charge on-the-go

The FLO Network gives you the ability to recharge your EV at over 83,000 publicly available Level 2 & DC Fast chargers across Canada & the United States – spanning coast-to-coast and reaching as far as Alaska***.

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EV charging in 4 easy steps

1. Locate a station

The FLO app can help you locate a public charging station near you.

2. Pull up & park

When safely parked at your charging station, open your FLO app, select Network from the menu bar, select the station you are parked at, and click Start to authenticate the station. Or just tap your FLO card on the station head to begin.

3. Plug in the connector

Take the connector from the charging station and place it in your vehicle’s charging port.

4. Finish your charge

When you’re done, remove the connector from your charging port and place it back into the station holster. Your charging session has ended and you’re ready to go!

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