About FLO

Discover the FLO charging ecosystem

FLO is a leading North American charging network

We operate a comprehensive charging ecosystem that fulfills EV drivers’ needs wherever they may be—at homeat work or on the go—by ensuring a consistently simple and seamless experience.

FLO offers smart home charging solutions for both single-family houses and multi-unit residential buildings, as well as access to thousands of public charging stations across the country.

FLO also provides turnkey solutions to property managers, business owners, employers and municipal administrators who wish to support EV adoption by supplying charging services.

FLO is a subsidiary of AddEnergie. FLO employees are located across North America, from the headquarters in Quebec City, to assembly plants in Shawinigan, to offices in Montreal, Vancouver and Sacramento, and they also work remotely in key US and Canadian markets.

Our mission

Accelerate electric vehicle adoption by offering the best charging experience to its customers.

FLO in numbers

Every month, FLO and its parent company, AddEnergie enable over half a million charging events, thanks to over 60,000 high-quality stations deployed on public networks, commercial and residential installations.