FLO App for EV charging stations

Available on iOS and Android, this app helps you find stations, manage your home charger, and much more. It makes EV charging easy.

One app, thousands of stations

Put North America’s leading EV charging network in the palm of your hand.

Find a charger

Pull up a map of the entire FLO network, and partner networks, to see real-time status of available EV charger locations.

Manage FLO home residential chargers

The FLO app makes managing your FLO HomeTM X5 charging station simple. Set a charging schedule and duration of charge with a few taps. You can also restrict usage, see your charging history, check charging speeds, and more.

Clear session notifications

Easily track your EV charging progress with helpful status messages, including initiated, in progress, completed, kWh added, and vehicle battery % level.

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FLO Download App
Download the FLO app for free

Easily schedule your charging sessions for security or to take advantage of lower energy costs

  • See real-time charging status
  • Access thousands of chargers on-the-go in our network and start your session with a tap
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The FLO network of EV charging stations

FLO operates a complete EV charging network for drivers to plug in just about anywhere in North America.

The FLO app is now available on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Now where’s that charger? With the FLO app for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, finding an EV charger has never been more convenient. Access the most important features of the FLO app in an easy-to-use and safe way through your in-car display.

Find nearby stations, filter stations by charging speed, fee, plug type or availability – you decide. Let your fingers do the walking with an intuitive touch display or go hands-free with Siri or Google Assistant, either way, you can leave that phone alone.

With the FLO app, you’ll aways find the best charger while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Now that’s EV charging done right.

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Katie & Steve Krivolavek

All Electric Family


The FLO app is great because you don’t need to have multiple apps on your phone to get all the information you need, you can easily find stations, start your charge, and find out if the charger is currently available.

Watch the full review here.

Download the FLO app for free

The FLO app for iOS and Android makes it easy for members to manage their FLO experience wherever they are, using only their smartphone.