Find a charging station near me.

With thousands of stations from coast-to-coast, FLO has your back when you hit the road.

Or, for a better experience, download the FLO mobile app.

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Download the FLO app

Easily find stations, start a charging session, and pay — all from your mobile device.

How does the FLO app work?

The app makes navigating the FLO network so simple that breaking up with the gas pump is easier than ever.

1. Locate a station

Use the map feature on the FLO app to find EV charging stations near you, or search for one along your route.

2. Pull up and park

When safely parked at your desired station, click “start” to activate the charger.

3. Plug in the connector

Take the connector from the station and place it in your vehicle’s charging port.

4. Finish your charge

When you’re ready to move, remove the connector, and place it back into the station holster. Your session will end automatically.

5. Click or tap

Powering your EV on the FLO Network is just that simple.

Our partner networks

FLO provides extended network coverage for EV travels across North America, thanks to our network partners.

FLO Partner Networks
EV charging companion guide

Learn everything you need to know when using charging stations on the FLO Network.

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EV Charging FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s clear up a few things about the FLO network.

Will my vehicle be compatible?

Our chargers are universal and can charge all current vehicle makes and models, including Teslas, when using the adaptor Tesla provides. FLO Level 2 chargers use the SAE J1772 connector and DC Fast Chargers are compatible with CHAdeMO & SAE J1772 combo protocols.

How much does it cost?

Charging session prices are set by the site host. It may also vary based on location and charger speed. Using the FLO App, you can filter and find stations that meet your desired spend. You might even find some free ones!

Do I need to be a member?

You don’t need to be a FLO member to use the FLO App or activate a station. If you need to activate the station without being a member, you can activate a session as a guest user by providing an e-mail address and credit card number.

Can I use charging stations from other network operators?

Yep! We have roaming agreements with BC Hydro, ChargePoint, Shell Recharge Solutions, Electric Circuit, & e-Charge Network. A FLO membership allows you to access and activate these stations right from the FLO App.

Can I use stations in Canada and US?

The FLO App and your Flo card give you access to public stations in both Canada and the US. You can pay in either currency.

How do I pay?

You have 2 options to pay/authenticate at a station:

  • Using the FLO App, create an account, and add credits via credit card payment or proceed as a guest.
  • Link your FLO card to a FLO account. Then add credits to your account via the FLO App or Desktop portal.
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