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Become a channel partner and make profit with the emerging EV charging infrastructure market.

Why your business needs EV charging

Electric vehicles will make up the majority of new car sales worldwide by 2040, and account for 33% of all light-duty vehicles on the road—a good business opportunity.

  • High earning potential

    A large number of companies and organizations, as well as residential clients are looking to electrify. Be prepared for this new category with some of the best chargers in the market.

  • Regular new leads

    FLO actively pursues new leads and opportunities and engage regularly with our partners to service the market.

  • Reliable support

    Our dedicated channel manager will provide you with the deal support and payout transparency you need.


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Ready to become a partner?

One of our experienced sales consultants will provide you with all the knowledge you need to get started with EV charging.

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Why join FLO?

Grow your business by partnering with FLO.

Backed by FLO

One single supplier

By doing everything in-house, we control our manufacturing, software and hardware design, network, marketing and sales. By connecting all these pieces, we strive to offer the best end-to-end charging experience and give our channel partners one single point of contact – FLO.

The best quality

We’re committed to providing quality EV charging infrastructure. We’re constantly working to enhance our software, hardware and services and deliver an exceptional experience for customers.

Proven track record


With over 13 years of experience in EV charging, we have worked with thousands of organizations from coast-to-coast.

One-stop shopping

We'll keep you current

FLO is constantly working with industry leaders in the automotive industry to create a reliable basis for compatible charging and new development of modular systems, now and in the future.


But don't take our word for it

EV sales are surging due to a combination of policy support, improvements in battery technology, more charging infrastructure and new compelling models from automakers. Electrification is also spreading to new segments of road transport, setting the stage for huge changes ahead.

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Become a Partner

If you are ready to provide high-quality charging products and services, let us know.

  1. Send your inquiry through the link below with basic information about your organization.
  2. Our sales team will reach out to learn more about your business.
  3. If there’s a fit, a local FLO expert will be assigned to you as your point of contact to get started.


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Partner Perks

When you become a FLO partner, you get complete support with all the guidance, tools and resources you need to better serve your customers.


You and your team will receive dedicated training from our team on everything from the EV market, our products, the end-to-end process, and even local incentives available.

Special pricing

You will receive access to special partner pricing on our portfolio of products.

Sales support

Our team will also give you assistance on proposals to ease the process and increase the chances of success. From the information gathering to the writing stages, we will help your team submit winning RFPs.

Marketing support

You will also have dedicated access to FLO’s marketing tools and funding to promote awareness of our products and drive local sales.

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