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FLO relies exclusively on the most sturdy, reliable and cutting-edge charging stations in the market. Discover our line of commercial charging stations for businesses.

CoRe+ Line

Level 2 charging station

CoRe+ charging stations are perfectly adapted for a wide range of parking environments including workplaces, multi-unit residential buildings and commercial properties. They are ideal for areas where many electric vehicles need to charge simultaneously, as they can be cascaded to minimize installation costs for the entire site.

Applications: Apartment buildings, condominiums, commercial properties, workplaces, fleet parking lots. 


Level 2 charging station

SmartTWO charging stations are ideal for sites that are exposed to harsh weather conditions or vandalism like outdoor or public parking lots. Sturdy and durable, these modular units are available in various configurations to facilitate installation in any situation, and their connector is stored behind a safety door that users unlock by authentication.

Applications: Retail stores, shopping centres, commercial properties, hotels, restaurants, cities, public buildings


Level 2 charging station

SmartTWO-BSR charging stations are specifically designed for curbside installation, making them ideal for city streets or busy areas. Their slick design will blend in harmoniously with modern urban landscapes while making them easy to locate from a distance. SmartTWO-BSR stations can power two EVs simultaneously and are equipped with a clever cable management system that retracts cables after each use.

Applications: Curbside on city streets, retail stores, shopping centres, restaurants


Fast charging station

SmartDC charging stations are dual standard DC fast chargers providing industry-leading service for electric vehicles equipped with either the CHAdeMO or SAE Combo charging port. With their rugged design and robust cable management system, these heavy-duty units are ideal for locations close to transit corridors or busy parking lots.

Applications: Rest areas, gas stations, retail stores, shopping centres, commercial properties, restaurants, fleet, parking lots

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