The FLO mobile app

Get instant access to Canada’s largest EV charging network.

The FLO mobile app for iOS and Android makes it easy for members to manage their FLO experience wherever they are, using only their smartphone.

Download it for free on the App Store or Google Play.


The FLO mobile app is now available on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Now where’s that charger?  With the FLO mobile app for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, finding an EV charger has never been more convenient.  Access the most important features of the FLO mobile app in an easy-to-use and safe way through your in-car display.   

Apple CarPlay     Android Auto

Find nearby stations, filter stations by charging speed, fee, plug type or availability – you decide.  Let your fingers do the walking with an intuitive touch display or go hands-free with Siri or Google Assistant, either way, you can leave that phone alone. 

With the FLO mobile app, you’ll aways find the best charger while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Now that’s EV charging done right. 

Convenience at your fingertips

Locate a public charging station

Easily find an available charging station on the FLO network or a partner network, and get real-time information on any station’s status. Use the app’s “Identify” function to locate the station you’re looking for when visiting a large site.

Pay for a session

Add funds to your FLO account using a credit card, then start charging sessions directly from your smartphone.

View usage data

Track charging progress in real time and access detailed reports of your sessions on the FLO network, at work and at your FLO Home residential charging station.

Manage Your Settings in the FLO App

Pair your FLO Home to the mobile app to enjoy a fully comprehensive charging experience. View the status and usage of your charger, manage your charging schedule to take advantage of available energy saving incentives, and personalize your station with nicknames, time zones, audio feedback, and user profiles.*


Plan for Peak Power Demand

Take advantage of your utility’s time of use incentives or adjust your charging station’s power output according to your home’s power consumption needs.

* X5 model only