FLO at work

Plug in at work and return home fully charged every day

FLO partners with employers across Canada to deliver electric vehicle charging services in workplaces. Our workplace charging stations are fully integrated into the FLO ecosystem, allowing you to use your FLO card or mobile app to activate stations and check usage data from your personal FLO account.

My employer already offers FLO charging stations

Get access to your workplace charging stations in no time by becoming a FLO member.

Get started

  • Create a FLO account.
  • Download the free FLO mobile app for iOS or Android and/or order a FLO membership card.
  • Ask your landlord or building manager to give you access to the stations (you will need to provide your card or mobile app number).

Already a FLO member? No need to create another account—just provide your existing card or mobile app number to your landlord or building manager.

Need help using the stations? Download our resident quick start guide

My employer does not offer FLO charging stations

Talk to your employer about the benefits of offering workplace charging stations:

  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Help attract and retain talent
  • Demonstrate leadership in supporting clean transportation

FLO provides turnkey and affordable solutions for workplaces. Refer your employer to our FLO for workplaces section for more information about how we can help.

Make the first move by starting the conversation with your employer and we’ll do the rest. Our experts are here to help!


Meet some EV-friendly employers

Bell Canada

Bell Canada positioned itself as an innovative, forward-thinking employer by installing charging stations at its headquarters on Nun’s Island in Montreal. The site is equipped with 24 charging stations, which are part of a larger network across the company’s many business places. Bell’s goal was to increase employee satisfaction and support EV adoption, and the numbers speak for themselves: since the company installed charging stations, it has seen the number of EV-driving employees quadruple!

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Cascades has deployed a large-scale electric mobility program for its employees. The Quebec company has installed 30 charging stations at its various plants in Kingsey Falls as part of a commitment to reduce its environmental footprint and set an example in sustainable development. Cascades even went one step further in supporting EV adoption: the company is offering employees who make the switch a $2,000 financial incentive, which can be combined with the rebate offered by the Quebec governement’s Drive Electric program.

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Innovative Automation

Innovative Automation is a future-focused manufacturing employer situated in Barrie, Ontario. They recently installed EV charging stations for their employees by taking advantage of the Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program. After expanding into their new state-of-the-art facilities, Innovative Automation added EV charging as part of their company mission to reduce their environmental footprint and support EV adoption. By including charging, their goal was also to support their employee satisfaction rate, and to continue to attract top-quality talent.