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Workplace EV charging: what’s in it for employers?


Workplace EV charging: what’s in it for employers?

So, you’ve made the decision to buy an electric car. Maybe you’re considering making the switch but aren’t sure about the logistics. Maybe you’re on your company’s environmental committee and want to effect change at work.

Either way, you’ll need to have a chat with your boss about workplace EV charging – so we’ve compiled some talking points to help build your case!

How to get an EV charger at work

If you want to convince upper management that on-premise chargers are worth the investment, you’ll need to speak to their goals. Here are just a few of the many advantages you can share with your team.

1. Attract and retain employees
Companies are getting more and more creative with the perks they offer, and EV charging is perfectly aligned with the times. Beyond the obvious eco benefits – a survey by Plug In America found 52% of employees believed their employers should be doing more for the environment – this perk provides another golden advantage: convenience. Most EV drivers do the bulk of their charging at home or at work, since they spend extended periods of time there. Having a business EV charger will help relieve their range anxiety, and can encourage drivers who are thinking of going electric but don’t have access to charging at home (AKA “garage orphans”). As a knock-on bonus, the opportunity to charge at work may also attract people back to the office.

2. Make friends in the neighborhood
If your boss has been looking to develop deeper ties in the neighborhood or improve relationships with residents or fellow businesses, this is a great way to get your foot in the door. Since 83% of consumers believe brands should utilize sustainable practices, installing a few level 2 chargers for public use is a generous move that highlights the company Some businesses offer free access to their chargers, while others charge a usage fee. It’s also possible to reserve some chargers for employees and open others up to the public.

Read more: what does level 2 or level 3 mean?

3. Achieve ESG goals or work towards certifications
Offering EV charging for a company’s own fleet allows a company to reduce its scope 1 emissions with a substitute to scope 2 emissions (electricity). Additionally, offering charging for employees allows companies to support reductions in scope 3 emissions. There are also 2 ways that companies can leverage EV charger installation to work towards their LEED certification.

4. Make current clients happy
Think of EV charging as a similar amenity to complimentary coffee or snacks. When clients visit your offices, they’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a convenient charging station available for them to use. It’s a great way to score bonus points before they even set foot inside the building.

5. Boost brand recognition
It’s easy to understand why cafes or retail shops might want to install an EV charger out front: if you draw customers to your front door, you increase the chances of them popping inside. For other types of businesses, though, the benefits may not seem as straightforward. Let’s say you work at a marketing or software company that has a parking lot. If you install chargers on-site and open them to public use, they will be added to EV charging maps like FLO’s. Once drivers arrive at your location, they’ll immediately become aware of your brand, and will likely make a positive association given the eco-friendly public service you’re offering.

Same infrastructure, new charging capabilities

Smart chargers like our CoRe+TM models have energy management features that make them perfect for workplace use, like PowerSharingTM and PowerLimitingTM technologies that avoid overloading the building’s electrical system.

Additionally, by daisy-chaining chargers, you can install more units without upgrading the existing electrical infrastructure. This method also leaves room to add more chargers in the future without having to dig up the parking lot’s pavement all the way to the electrical box.

 Save money with grants

If cost is a primary concern, check out incentive programs in your area. They can make EV charging deployment even more accessible from a financial standpoint. Different levels of government and various organizations offer programs for companies looking to deploy charging infrastructure.

Since subsidy and grant availability varies from place to place, you can use FLO’s handy tool to find the best ones for your project, state, or province. They typically help cover the cost of deploying level 2 or DCFC chargers.

Want to make the process even more seamless? FLO knows these programs inside and out, and we’d be happy to help you out every step of the way.

Choosing the right model

Commercial EV chargers are likely to get a lot of use. If you want to keep maintenance costs manageable, we suggest choosing a model that’s rugged, durable, and built to withstand harsh weather – from sleet to heat. Get started with our product finder!

Lead with peace of mind – management services

At FLO, building business-friendly charging solutions is just the beginning. We also work hard to support our clients throughout their electrification journey, all the way to post-installation maintenance.

Our global management services take infrastructure upkeep off your plate, monitoring your chargers remotely to maximize uptime. In fact, our Performance Warranty guarantees 98% uptime and gives you access to priority service calls. If we don’t meet our 98% goal for whatever reason, you’ll get a 50% refund on the cost of your warranty.

Workplace EV charging stations: a great choice for forward-thinking employers

Being “good” means different things to different businesses. But now more than ever, adopting an eco-conscious mindset can be a massive boon for your employer brand. A survey by Plug In America found that 91% of employers received positive employee feedback after installing workplace EV chargers!

Need even more proof to convince your boss? We have another helpful webpage you can send over, and whenever questions arise, our team will be right here with the answers.