News, Press release | Jan 19, 2022

FLO provides workplace charging solutions to General Motors across the United States


FLO provides workplace charging solutions to General Motors across the United States

QUEBEC CITY, QC – January 19, 2022 – FLO is proud to announce the installation of the first wave of workplace electric vehicle (EV) charging stations as part of a multi-year agreement with General Motors (GM), whereby FLO provides AC Level 2 and direct current (DC) fast chargers for GM to be installed on their premises in the United States.

“Over the past two years, FLO’s collaboration with GM has been growing steadily and flourishing through different agreements” said Louis Tremblay, President and CEO of FLO. “This time, we are particularly proud to support GM’s drive towards full electrification by bringing FLO chargers to employee parking lots. As we will cater to the employees driving GM’s current and future EVs, we know our workplace charging solutions will be used by sophisticated EV drivers with high expectations. We look forward to showcasing the reliability of our products with them and, consequently, helping to strengthen our collaboration with GM.”

FLO is one of a select few EV networks whose chargers are being installed at GM’s plants and facilities, stretching over more than 120 locations across the US. FLO stations are already present at GM sites in New York city, Austin (TX), Arlington (TX), Flint (MI), and more. So far, more than 350 FLO chargers have been shipped to GM offices and plants, including 10 DC fast chargers, with the rest being AC Level 2 CoRe+TM chargers.

“At GM, we are committed to putting everyone in an EV,” said Rick Spina, Vice President, AV/EV Commercialization and Infrastructure at GM. “Doing so will require making EV charging readily accessible where people work, which is why we are excited to work with FLO to increase charging for our own employees, whether they are at an engineering or manufacturing facility.”

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