EV charging solutions for fleets

Operate your EV fleet with glitch-free charging services.

Your EV fleet operation is at the heart of your business – which is why you cannot afford to compromise on your charging infrastructure. Put simply, charging is mission critical.

Good to go, everytime.

Charging reliability is mission critical when it comes to operating an EV fleet. FLO understands this and will never let you down.

We monitor our charging stations in real-time 24/7 to ensure that you benefit from a glitch-free charging experience, so that your fleet will be fully charged and ready to go whenever you need them.

Growing together.

As you reflect upon making the leap to an EV fleet, questions like the following come up: will the number of my charging stations be able to scale up as my fleet grows? And how will this affect my CAPEX?

With FLO, you can grow your charging infrastructure as you convert your fleet to EVs, while minimizing your infrastructure costs. Scalability is built-in.

Easy on the wallet.

An EV fleet that can only recharge in your business’s parking area is an obvious deal-breaker. We offer standard and fast charging services via our public network. We also offer special rates for fleets that charge on our network, meaning you get an integrated service for on and off premises charging. 
Extend your EV fleet charging points in the city without incurring the CAPEX!

Integrating EVs into your fleet offers many benefits

  • Decrease operating, maintenance and fuel expenses
  • Stand out from your competitors with a premium service
  • Position your company as eco-friendly and forward-thinking
  • Comply with government standards and regulations

65% of cars on the road will be electric by 2050

Simple Management with A Click

Site managers have full control over usage policies like pricing, billing methods and access rights. Easily configure your charging station settings in our secure online portal.

Detailed Data Reports

Monitor Station Usage

Track Energy Consumption

Recommended charging stations for fleets


Versatile Level 2 charging station ideal
for parking areas of any size

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Rugged Level 2 charging station with
securely locked connector

See all SmartTWO features >


Universal fast charger designed
for the harshest environments

See all SmartDC features >

Standard or fast charging?

Unsure what type of charging stations is best suited for your needs? Let us guide you.

Learn more about EV charging types >

Save on Costs with Our Exclusive Technologies

Our scalable charging solutions grow with your demand. Charge 4X more vehicles than standard installations. Decrease your installation and operational costs with our exclusive technologies.

PowerSharing™ Technology

U.S. Pat. No. 9,927,778

Greatly reduce installation costs by sharing the remaining incremental capacity of existing electrical infrastructure.

PowerLimiting™ Technology

U.S. Pat. No. 10,197,976

Add multiple charging stations to an existing installation while minimizing the building’s peak power demand through fixed limit, scheduled limitations and integration to a Building Management System.

FLO’s Cascading Kit Technology

Our Cascading Kit enables serial daisy-chain connection of multiple charging stations on pedestals and on the same branch circuit.

Ready to Offer EV Charging?

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