News, Press release | Feb 26, 2024

Closing the Charging Gap: CBS News Highlights FLO’s Groundbreaking EV Charging Solutions in LA


Closing the Charging Gap: CBS News Highlights FLO’s Groundbreaking EV Charging Solutions in LA 

FLO’s innovative charging solutions were recently featured in a CBS News report highlighting how the city of Los Angeles is tackling the challenge of expanding its EV charging infrastructure. Through a strategic partnership with the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting (LABSL), FLO has installed Level 2 public EV charging stations directly onto city light poles, making efficient use of the existing electrical sources and significantly enhancing the city’s charging capacity. 

The initiative has seen 725 charging stations installed, with a notable 486 SmartTWO curbside chargers supplied and networked by FLO. While the entire deployment sees high use by EV drivers, the top five FLO charging stations in Los Angeles report utilization rates of more than 50%. The project has demonstrated a positive environmental impact, with a 39% average growth rate in gross monthly CO2 savings, indicating both a high adoption rate and an upward trend in sustainable transportation choices among Angelinos.   

This collaboration between FLO and the City of Los Angeles serves as a pioneering example of how urban areas can leverage existing infrastructure to rapidly expand EV charging access and support the shift towards greener transportation. For more information, the full CBS news report can be accessed online, showcasing the significant strides being made in promoting EV usage and reducing carbon emissions in urban settings.  


About FLO 

FLO is a leading North American electric vehicle (EV) charging network operator and a smart charging solutions provider. We help to overcome climate change and accelerate EV adoption through a vertically integrated business model and by delivering EV drivers the best charging experience from curbside to countryside. Every month, we enable more than 1.5 million charging events thanks to over 100,000 fast and level 2 EV charging stations deployed at public, private and residential locations. FLO operates its network across North America and our high-quality charging stations are assembled with care in Michigan and Quebec. To learn more about what “EV charging done right™” means to us, visit 

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