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If you’re thinking about installing fast charging stations, there’s no better time than now. The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MENR) is providing an 80% subsidy to private businesses in Quebec for deploying public fast charging stations for electric vehicles. This exceptionally generous program is backed by a $50 million budget.

You have until June 21, 2024, to submit your project to MENR. 

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Program overview

The Private Sector Support Program for the Deployment of Public Fast Charging Stations offers financial aid to private businesses for projects involving the acquisition and installation of public DC fast charging stations (DCFC). It is available to for-profit businesses registered with the Quebec Business Registry and operating within the province. Wondering what expenses are covered?

Here are some examples*:

  • Procurement of a minimum of 2 eligible fast charging stations per site along with specific accessories,
  • Purchase of lighting and weather protection equipment for the charging area,
  • Acquisition of energy management equipment or software,
  • Installation of various equipment types,
  • Costs for professional services and labor required for the project (including plans, specifications, installation, connection, and power supply infrastructure),
  • Warranty, management/telecommunication, and preventive maintenance fees payable upon purchasing the charging stations,
  • Permit fees for installing the charging stations,
  • Environmental assessment fees.

Full program description on the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources website.

*In the event of any discrepancies, the official documents published on the ministry’s website will be considered authoritative.

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Case study

Five years ago, Cascades announced a pilot project to encourage employees to switch to electric transportation. In addition to having access to charging stations at work, the 1,400 employees based in Kingsey Falls now had the possibility of receiving $2,000 in financial assistance for the purchase of an EV.

Today, the company makes a positive assessment with the program still in effect. More than 350 employees have switched as Cascades continues deployment across close to 75 locations across North America with approximately 10,000 employees.*

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Why choose FLO?

Subsidy programs such as this one are the perfect opportunity for Canadian businesses to step into the world of EV charging. But we know as well as you do that the process can be complicated… and energy-consuming!

Working with our team means you can count on the expertise of a Canadian company operating one of the largest EV charging networks in North America. We’ve completed hundreds of projects just like this one, and we’re committed to simplifying your journey.

Legendary strength, reliability & durability
Our network boost a 98%+ uptime. Our charging stations are designed to withstand the most rigorous conditions and intensive use, making them ideal for busy parking lots or locations close to major roads.
Made in Canada, for Canadian weather
Every month, we enable more than 1.5 million charging events thanks to over 100 000 fast and Level 2 EV charging stations at public, private and residential locations. FLO operates across North America, and our products are assembled with care in Canada.
An unrivalled experience across the board
Our work doesn’t end once your chargers are up and running. We offer EV drivers 24/7 support from our bilingual call centre here in Canada.
Get started planning your EV deployment!
FLO can help you find the best solution for your organization.

Learn about funding to help small and medium-sized communities become a part of Quebec’s EV charging network.