Foster A Sustainable Community.

Support Local Business.

Future-proof your city with smart EV charging solutions.

Integrate electric vehicle charging stations on your streets and at public buildings to accelerate EV adoption and build a cleaner, healthier and low-carbon community. Make sure your city is ready for the transition to electric mobility and support the local economy at the same time.

92% of drivers spend money at their destination while they charge

Meeting Both Current and Future Demand

Our scalable charging stations grow with your city’s demand.

  • Easily add more charging stations as demand grows
  • Keep installation costs and operational expenses to a minimum
  • Users can rely on FLO’s 24/7 customer support

Help Local Business Thrive

There are many benefits of offering EV charging in your city:

  • Drive business to local retailers
  • Contribute to sustainable development goals
  • Support electric vehicle adoption in your city
  • Ensure public infrastructure is future-proof

A Sustainable City on Every Level

For your Employees

Position yourself as a forward-thinking employer by offering EV charging as part of your employee benefits program.

For your Fleet

Looking to cut operating expenses? Consider converting your municipal fleet vehicles to EVs and save big on fuel costs

Generate Additional Revenue with A Click

Set your station preferences and profit.

Easily configure your charging station settings in our secure online portal. You can also choose to offer free charging or set user fees to generate revenue for each charging session.

Detailed Data Reports

Monitor Station Usage

Track Energy Consumption

Cooperative Purchasing

Compliant, competitive, and convenient

Make the buying process easier and more affordable with our cooperative purchasing contracts. We are proud to have made it through Sourcewell cooperative purchasing contract for EVSE.

Recommended Charging Stations for Cities

Ready to Offer EV Charging?

Our experts are ready to take your call and discuss the best charging option for your business.