Where can I buy a FLO Home?

It has never been easier to purchase a FLO Home – you can do so directly from the comfort of your own home through the FLO e-store.

Depending on your location, you may also conveniently buy any of our FLO Home products at:

All States
Our FLO Home is available at the FLO e-store and on Amazon.


All Phase Electric Supply
Platt Electric Supply

Platt Electric Supply

Platt Electric Supply

Platt Electric Supply

Should you have any questions or wish to speak to our team, please contact us at 1-855-543-8356 or via email at service@flo.ca.

Go Further with FLO

EV drivers are always on the go, so charging your vehicle will not always be done at home. Register for a FLO membership and gain access to 55,000 chargers across North America. As a FLO member, you can use any station on Greenlots (US and Canada), on ChargePoint (US and Canada), the Electric Circuit (Quebec and Eastern Ontario, Canada), BC Hydro EV (British Columbia, Canada) or eCharge Network (New Brunswick, Canada), at no extra charge.

Read more about charging on our partner networks here.