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News, Press release | May 02, 2024

FLO’s Nathan Yang Breaks Down EV Charging Tech on Plugged In Podcast  


FLO’s Nathan Yang Breaks Down EV Charging Tech on Plugged In Podcast  

Yang discusses the future of EV charging in Canada and abroad 

QUEBEC CITY —  FLO Chief Product Officer, Nathan Yang, was featured on the Plugged In podcast, a series that focuses on Canada’s electric vehicle market and charging infrastructure. In the episode, Yang discusses the need for more Level 2 and DC fast chargers, the state of Canada’s EV charging infrastructure and the importance of EV charger roaming. Yang also shared details on FLO’s high charger reliability standards and how the company identifies sites for charging stations. 

Key insights from Yang:  

“That’s why things like roaming are really important. Many don’t realize, but the EV charging network is very similar to the early days of the mobile phone networks. Different companies would build their different networks, but they weren’t interoperable….As of right now, the hope is to remove the friction and simplify things, [so that] everybody [can] be able to charge on any charger and that’s what we aspire to do.”   

“[Since] Louis Tremblay founded the company in 2009, we’ve had this big emphasis on reliability and so generally across the network we advertise 98% uptime. In New York, we had over 99% uptime… We want to make sure minorities, women, everybody, no matter the make and model of your car and no matter what your needs are, can charge reliably.” 

“I encouraged my team, being a product and design person, to do a lot of primary research, to really understand the underlying needs that our customers have so we can serve those customers in the best possible way.” 

“Of course, we have to be financially and economically sustainable as a business to be able to realize our mission. But, really, at the core we are really passionate [about] driving EV adoption and delivering that best possible experience.” 

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