News | Jul 26, 2017

AddEnergie selected as official supplier for New Brunswick’s public electric vehicle charging network


AddEnergie selected as official supplier for New Brunswick’s public electric vehicle charging network

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AddEnergie selected as official supplier for New Brunswick’s public electric vehicle charging network 

AddEnergie, Canada’s leader in electric vehicle charging solutions, is announcing its participation in the deployment of a third charging network in Canada: the eCharge Network, deployed by New Brunswick’s NB Power.

In the first phase of deployment, AddEnergie will install 10 fast-charging stations and a dozen Level 2 charging stations, while managing the network’s daily operation. All the stations will be connected and monitored remotely by AddEnergie’s network operations centre to guarantee reliability and service quality. AddEnergie will also offer 24/7 telephone support for immediate assistance on location.

Fast-charging stations will be strategically installed along the Trans-Canada Highway to facilitate intercity travel throughout the province, while Level 2 charging stations will be deployed in partner municipalities. Commissioning of the 10 fast-charging stations is scheduled for the end of July 2017.


Established expertise

AddEnergie is also the operator and infrastructure provider of FLO, its own pan-Canadian charging network, and the Electric Circuit, Hydro-Québec’s public charging network in Quebec.

In total, AddEnergie operates more than 3,000 charging stations from coast to coast, including 100 fast-chargers. Every day, close to 20,000 Canadian electric car owners use these charging stations, which boast a 99% reliability rate.

“By becoming the official supplier and operator of a third major charging network in Canada, AddEnergie is strengthening its position as Canada’s leader in electric vehicle charging. Through our experience with FLO and the Electric Circuit, we have demonstrated the quality of our infrastructure and our service. We are pleased to share our expertise in developing New Brunswick’s charging capacity,” says Louis Tremblay, President and Chief Executive Officer of AddEnergie. 

AddEnergie is proud to offer robust and reliable charging stations, entirely designed at its Quebec City headquarters and assembled at its Shawinigan plant. AddEnergie products are certified to operate from -40°C to 50°C and are specifically built to withstand harsh Canadian winters.


An even broader charging offer

The eCharge Network will be interoperable with FLO and the Electric Circuit, meaning customers of both networks will be able to use the network’s charging stations through their membership card or mobile application, and vice versa. Deployment of this new charging network allows AddEnergie, through the FLO network, to offer even greater coverage to Canadian electric car owners. 

“The availability of a reliable charging infrastructure is a key element in the electrification of transportation. NB Power and its partners are demonstrating vision and leadership by investing in the development of a new charging network. We welcome this initiative, and we are proud to contribute to it,” emphasizes Louis Tremblay.

This project is made possible through the financial support of Natural Resources Canada.