Press release, News | Feb 06, 2023

FLO Performance Warranty Guarantees Charger Uptime


New industry-leading service guarantee program available on FLO commercial chargers

QUEBEC CITY, QC – Feb. 6, 2023 —  FLO, a leading North American electric vehicle (EV) charging network operator and smart charging solutions provider, announced the FLO Performance warranty program, which provides subscribers with peace of mind by guaranteeing that chargers covered by the warranty will achieve 98% uptime* and by offering subscribers a 50% refund of the annual warranty fee if station uptime falls short of that threshold. This complete service plan also includes proactive station monitoring and a priority service response time of one business day for all eligible service issues.

“At FLO, we have always stood behind the reliability of our charging stations and are proud of our 98% uptime,” said Chris Thorson, Chief Marketing Officer at FLO. “FLO Performance warranty offers additional features including an uptime guarantee backed by a rebate and priority servicing. The FLO Performance warranty program gives our customers the peace of mind that their charging investment is running smoothly.”

One major issue for EV chargers continues to be uptime, the percentage of time a charger is available or in-use. FLO continues to support raising reliability rates and transparent reliability reporting across the industry, working with governments and industry stakeholders to increase the quantity of charging stations in North America and ensure stations are operational.

As part of the new warranty program, FLO’s team monitors customers’ charging stations around the clock, spotting issues as they arise. If an issue cannot be resolved remotely, a qualified technician is dispatched within one business day. The warranty also provides one preventative maintenance visit per year for DC fast chargers.

The FLO Performance Warranty program and guarantee are subject to acceptance of terms and conditions. For more information on FLO’s Performance warranty program and products, visit:

** To learn more about how FLO calculates uptime visit: Reliability Blog Series #3: Calculating Standardized Charger Uptime. Final calculation of uptime subject to the legal terms of the FLO Performance Warranty as they may be amended.




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