News, Press release | Dec 19, 2023

FLO Leadership: Finalized Federal ZEV Availability Standard Essential Step to Increasing Driver Access, Reduce GHG Emissions


FLO Leadership: Finalized Federal ZEV Availability Standard Essential Step to Increasing Driver Access, Reduce GHG Emissions 

QUEBEC CITY – FLO President & CEO, Louis Tremblay, and FLO Chief Legal & Public Affairs Officer, Travis Allan, issued the following statements in response to the release of the final Canadian Federal Zero Emissions Vehicle accessibility regulation announcement today:   

“We applaud the Federal Government’s work to increase zero emissions vehicles on Canada’s roads and today’s announcement is key in achieving that mission,” said Louis Tremblay, President and CEO of FLO. “The demand for ZEVs continues to grow and this measure is key to making sure EV drivers across the country have access to the vehicles that can play an essential role in reducing Canada’s transportation greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We look forward to working with automakers, utilities, cities and site owners to accelerate the deployment of reliable EV charging infrastructure and to ensure all drivers from coast to coast have access to reliable, convenient charging at home, at the workplace and on the road to support this transition.”

Many U.S. states and some Canadian provinces already have sales requirements, but today’s federal announcement is historic because it will make certain that all Canadians have access to the cost predictability and savings of EVs,” said Travis Allan, FLO Chief Legal and Public Affairs Officer.  “Ensuring there is an adequate supply of reliable, convenient EV charging will be an essential factor in the success of this regulation. The work that automakers, governments, utilities and the charging industry have already done is instrumental to making Canadians feel comfortable adopting EVs, and the finalized Electric Vehicle Availability Standard just announced by the Federal Government will help make the case for even more investment to support Canada’s EV charging assets.” 

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