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FLO | AddEnergie Announces that it is Doubling the Size of its Production Facilities


FLO | AddEnergie Announces that it is Doubling the Size of its Production Facilities

SHAWINIGAN, QC – June 15, 2021 – FLO | AddEnergie, operator of the FLO electric vehicle charging network, is pleased to announce that it is doubling the size of its facilities in Shawinigan, Quebec, and increasing its production capacity, in order to support its growth, particularly for fast-charging stations.

“With this expansion, FLO | AddEnergie is prepared with the means to meet the increasing demand for charging stations in the Canadian market, and to seize the emerging opportunities in the United States where transport electrification is booming,” said Louis Tremblay, President and CEO of FLO | AddEnergie. “I am very pleased that FLO | AddÉnergie is consolidating its presence in Shawinigan. We are fortunate to have a dedicated team there and we are now well-established in the community. For all these reasons, I would like to thank the City of Shawinigan for its ongoing support and pivotal role in this new development for our company.”

The opening of a second plant of 26,000 square feet will provide sufficient space to boost FLO | AddEnergie’s production capacity and welcome new employees. New assembly lines dedicated to fast-charging and curbside charging stations will be added to the existing 21,000-square-foot production plant. The preparation of a new site on Royal Boulevard, leased from the Société de développement de Shawinigan, is being completed, and production should start by the end of the summer.

This announcement was made along with Marie-Louise Tardif, Member of the National Assembly for Laviolette-Saint-Maurice; Michel Angers, the Mayor of Shawinigan; Louis Chevalier, President of the Société de développement de Shawinigan; and Luc Arvisais, Director of Economic Development in Shawinigan.

The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, congratulated the company whose production facilities are located in his constituency. “I would like to congratulate FLO | AddEnergie for the expansion of its plant. Our government works tirelessly to support the electrification of transport and help businesses working towards that goal. These new electric vehicles will need a robust network of charging stations across Quebec and all of Canada. FLO | AddEnergie’s work will contribute to Canada’s commitment to move to net-zero emissions by 2050.”

Marie-Louise Tardif, Member of the National Assembly for Laviolette-Saint-Maurice, emphasized that “FLO | AddEnergie has established a plant in Shawinigan with a bold plan, yet the company continues to exceed expectations and is now an industrial highlight in our city. This is why our government continues to support FLO | AddEnergie in its growth, including in terms of qualifications development and training for its employees.”

“For several years now, the City of Shawinigan has had an objective to develop an innovation zone in transportation electrification and sustainable mobility,” said Michel Angers, the Mayor of Shawinigan, adding that “the consolidation of enterprises such as FLO | AddEnergie in our city is another step in that direction. With these additional 26,000-square-foot premises in Shawinigan, FLO | AddEnergie fulfills its growing needs while adding to our region’s economic vitality. We are delighted to be able to have the company be part of our ecosystem.”

About FLO | AddEnergie

FLO | AddEnergie is a leading North American electric vehicle charging network operator and a major provider of smart charging software and equipment. Every month, FLO | AddEnergie enables hundreds of thousands charging events thanks to over 40,000 high-quality stations deployed on public networks, commercial and residential installations. FLO | AddEnergie’s headquarters and network operations centre are based in Quebec City, and its assembly plant is located in Shawinigan (Quebec). The company also has an office in Montreal and regional teams located in Ontario, British Columbia, California, New York and Texas. For more information, visit

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