News, Press release | May 29, 2024

Summer Adventures Await


Summer Adventures Await: FLO Introduces Personalized EV Road Trip Planning in the FLO App

New app update allows drivers to personalize their EV journey  

QUEBEC CITY and AUBURN HILLS, Mich. EV owners can now easily charge up for summer adventures with FLO’s new trip planning app feature. The new FLO trip planner feature simplifies EV travel, enabling drivers to plan their journey with efficiency and accuracy, factoring in vehicle make and range, passenger count, luggage, and personalized stops, all while pinpointing essential charging stations along the way. Once a journey is planned, drivers can use their preferred map app to navigate their trip via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. 

“There are more than 1.5 million new EVs on the roads in the U.S. and Canada this year vs. last year,” said Nathan Yang, FLO Chief Product Officer. “As drivers begin to plan summer adventures and where they will charge on the road, FLO is offering personalized trip planning and seamless integration into the FLO app and our extensive charging network.”   

The new trip planner feature on the FLO app is now available for iOS and soon for Android.  FLO’s highly rated app can be downloaded free of charge in the Apple and Android store.  

“Once drivers open their FLO app and tap plan, they are able to customize their journey, including selecting their specific EV make and model, setting precise charge levels for departure and arrival, and accounting for occupants, climate control, extra weight, and weather conditions,” said Yang. “EV drivers can then start their journey with a clearer sense of how their range is expected to evolve between departure and arrival points and where they can expect to charge along the way based on their inputs and the feature’s estimates.” 

Once all the information is entered, the trip planner calculates the best route using more than 100,000 stations across more than 30 charging networks. It suggests charging stops and locations when needed and estimates the cost and amount of charging time required for the journey. EV drivers can then send the route to Apple Maps or Google Maps for easy navigation. 

The new update is the latest feature by FLO to provide EV drivers with the best charging experience. Last summer, FLO announced a new unique convenience feature that allows users to view their charging session on their phone’s lock screen without having to unlock the phone or open an app.    

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