Global Management Services

FLO’s Global Management Services (GMS) supports your network-connected charging stations by providing proactive monitoring and remote updating of your stations, with the ultimate goal of delivering the best charging experience. It also provides valuable data intelligence regarding your stations’ use, giving you the tools and information you need to effortlessly manage your EV charging services.

Integrated Payment System

Network-connected stations include a PCI-DSS compliant payment system that allows for the management of credit card transactions through the mobile application. Select your fee and FLO will handle the entire billing process for you¹.

Future-Proof Stations

FLO’s network-connected stations’ software and firmware are continuously updated over the operational life of the station so you can accommodate new generations of EVs. To ensure the best connectivity, FLO will also upgrade the communication gateway’s hardware, when needed, at no additional cost².

Online Presence

All public network-connected stations are displayed on the FLO website and in the FLO Mobile App using our real-time mapping software, and are integrated into third-party platforms, so drivers in the area can easily locate them.

Session Authentication Options

FLO’s network-connected stations can be remotely activated through the FLO Mobile App or by using the FLO membership RFID card.

Remote Station Monitoring

FLO’s Network Operations Centre proactively monitors every network-connected station’s activity in order to identify and resolve any potential issue and ensure maximum uptime.

Your Owner’s Web Portal

This dashboard provides you with a snapshot of your charging stations, their usage and revenue, while also allowing you to control station access or restrict charging to specific drivers.

Roaming Services

FLO has roaming agreements with some of North America’s largest EV charging networks, providing access to more than 49,000 EV charging points through a single membership.

24/7 Driver Support

EV drivers can obtain immediate assistance in accessing a charger, no matter the time of day, directly from FLO.

¹ Please note: a transaction fee of 15% of your revenue (in addition to the yearly GMS service fee) is applied to this billing process.
² An active GMS license is required for updates.

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