FLO for condos and apartments

Tailor-made charging solutions for multi-unit residential buildings

Working with property managers and developers, FLO enables EV drivers to access charging stations at their reserved parking space or in their building’s common parking area. Our condo and apartment charging stations are fully integrated with the FLO ecosystem, meaning you can use your FLO card or mobile app to activate the stations and check usage data from your personal FLO account.

I live in a residential building equipped with FLO charging stations

Get access to your building’s charging stations in no time by becoming a FLO member.

Get started

  • Create a FLO account.
  • Download the free FLO mobile app for iOS or Android and/or order a FLO membership card.
  • Ask your landlord or building manager to give you access to the stations (you will need to provide your card or mobile app number).

Already a FLO member? No need to create another account—just provide your existing card or mobile app number to your landlord or building manager.

I would like to have FLO charging stations installed in my building

Talk to your landlord, property manager or condo board about the benefits of offering charging stations in multi-unit residential buildings:

  • Increase property value
  • Help attract new tenants or buyers
  • Provide an essential amenity to EV-driving residents

FLO provides turnkey and affordable solutions for multi-unit residential buildings. Refer your landlord or condo board to our FLO for multi-unit residential buildings section.

Start the conversation with your property manager and get in touch with us. Our experts will guide you through the process.

Discover some EV-friendly residential buildings

Woodfield-Sillery (Canada)

Woodfield-Sillery is a 63-unit condo project located in the Quebec City area. The building is equipped with a scalable electric vehicle charging infrastructure allowing up to 30 residents to have their own charging station in their dedicated parking space. EV charging is just one of the many modern, high-end features offered by Woodfield-Sillery, along with LED lighting, green roof, heated indoor parkade and energy-efficient appliances.

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(French only; English subtitles available)

Lumicité (Canada)

The Lumicité project, a 132-unit residential project in Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, in Montérégie, provides electric vehicle owners with access to EV charging stations. EV charging is only one part of a long list of sustainable amenities, including environmentally friendly gas fireplaces, heat recovery systems and energy-efficient insulation. A dream environment for EV drivers in an enchanting site!