Case Studies

Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles has developed one of the most comprehensive “Green New Deal” initiatives in North America, choosing the electric vehicle charging experts at FLO to help accelerate EV adoption in California!

FLO and the City of LA have worked together to leverage existing streetlight infrastructure and deploy EV charging stations by attaching them to street lighting poles. In doing so, the City of Los Angeles has…

  • Deployed EV chargers quickly and cost-effectively
  • Outfitted all fifteen city council districts with chargers
  • Provided a charging amenity for Los Angeles residents

Read more about this innovative approach to EV charging by downloading our Los Angeles Case Study!


The City of Kingston has developed an impressive Climate Action Plan that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by thirty percent by 2030, and a key facet of this plan was the deployment of a comprehensive EV charging network!

FLO and the City of Kingston have worked together to harness the power of EV charging, and in doing so have…

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions in the city
  • Driven out-of-town traffic to local businesses
  • Provided a sustainable amenity for the city’s residents

Learn more about this flagship deployment by downloading our Kingston Case Study!

Golden Valley Electric Association

Reliability is key when deploying EV charging infrastructure in extreme weather conditions. 

FLO and the Alaska-based Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA) have worked together to deploy the northernmost public DC fast chargers in North America. In doing so, GVEA has… 

  • Supported the goal of reducing GHG emissions by 26% by 2030
  • Provided chargers that can reliably and consistently support EV drivers in the winter months
  • Experienced 100% uptime in the first winter of deployment
  • Improved access to public EV charging infrastructure

Read more about this one-of-a-kind deployment by downloading our case study. 

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