Case Study

Cascades Installs FLO EV Charging Solutions for Employees

Cascades reinforces its commitment as a sustainable organization by installing electric vehicle charging stations for its employees, and free fast charging for city residents and visitors. Workplace EV charging attracts talent while offering employee satisfaction and supports EV adoption among employees.

Key Customer Information

  • Company: Cascades
  • Installation Site: Kingsey Falls, QC, Canada (Company Headquarters)
  • Industry: Packaging and tissue products mainly composed of recycled fibers
  • Website:
  • Number of Employees: 11,000

Meeting Employee Demand and Reaching Sustainability Goals

Built on recycling, sustainability is central to Cascades’ business model. The company has ambitious targets to decrease its environmental footprint, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 7% by 2020. Studies have proven that EV charging greatly reduces carbon emissions.
Cascades also values employee satisfaction, as shown by the average employee tenure of 12 years. So, when an employee requested EV charging, the company went to work strategizing on how to meet the employee’s request, which would also help meet their sustainability goals.

Creating Access for All Employees and Keeping Costs Low

Through their EV program that included a $2,000 EV purchase incentive, Cascades wanted to make charging available to as many employees as possible, requiring multi-port stations that could expand as demand grows. Utilizing the existing electrical infrastructure everywhere stations would be installed was also crucial to keep costs low. In addition to hardware requirements, Cascades needed smart EV charging to understand station usage and optimize it over time. FLO met all of Cascades requirements.


Cascades Requirements

  • Energy management technology
  • Full access to usage data, system settings and live station status
  • Charging stations that can adapt to varying site layouts
  • Infrastructure that can withstand harsh Canadian winters long-term
  • Locally sourced, North American products

FLO’s Future-Proof, Custom Solutions

Cascades chose FLO’s CoRe+ Level 2 charging stations and cable management system to increase station accessibility and keep cables clear of the snow. Installation was simple with FLO’s team of specialists, including technical experts from partners Desdowd and Lumen.
Through FLO’s online portal, CSNMS, Cascades accesses detailed usage data, live station status, energy consumption and can set station access. The company also utilizes FLO’s PowerLimiting™ (1) and PowerSharing (2), to schedule power limits around peak usage, and communicates and shares electrical demands with the Building Management System.
Drivers can easily sign up for access to the stations by registering through FLO’s website. Doing so, employees also have instant access to thousands of charging stations and the largest network in Canada.

1 U.S. Pat. No. 10,197,976
2 U.S. Pat. No. 9,927,778


Employee Satisfaction is Increased

Cascades’ EV program saw immediate results with employees. Before the program launched, they had two employees who drove EVs. That number grew to 20 in just three months and continues to increase. Additionally, Cascades received extensive media coverage for their workplace charging initiative, demonstrating their position as a sustainable leader.

The company has announced plans to expand EV charging to all of their units across Canada and the United States.


Cascades Results After Six Months

  • Increased 10X the number of EV-driving employees

  • Increased employee satisfaction

  • Nearly 5,000 hours of charging completed

  • Saved the equivalent of 8,000 liters of gasoline in CO2 emissions



“ We wanted a product that can help us gather data on the use of the charging station, That’s why we opted for the FLO solution. I have to say we’re very satisfied with the service we’ve received. ”


Hugo D’Amours, Vice-President, Communications, Public Affairs and Sustainability, Cascades

FLO’s Solution

  • 22 CoRe+ multi-port Level 2 charging stations for employees
  • 1 SmartDC fast charging station, with free access to the public
  • Cable management system to keep cords neat and out of the snow

  • Detailed data reports, including usage and energy consumption from online portal CSNMS

  • Global Management Services with live station monitoring, 24/7 driver support

  • Easy membership setup with access to Canada’s largest EV charging network


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