The CoRe+ Line

Modular Performance. On Your Side.

Clever solutions for a smooth transition to e-mobility. Our CoRe+ Line leverages modular architecture and a list of perks designed to make EV charging work for you. Ideal for semi-private, commercial and industrial applications, from workplaces to fleet companies, it’s extremely versatile.

CoRe to the MAX

Up to 30A and 7.2kW

Up to 80A and 19.2kW

Modular architecture to commercial EV Chargers. Both have durable aluminum casting, scalable architecture, flexible cable and patented energy power management to save up to 45% in electricity costs per year. Using LTE connectivity, CoRe+ and CoRe+ MAX allow monitoring, price setting and reporting to deliver a great management experience.

The Best Experience

Get the right mix of features to save money and customize further

  • Save on energy: up to 45% savings per year with patented PowerSharingTM and PowerLimitingTM technologies
  • Leverage our integrated Cascading Kit to enable serial daisy-chain connection of multiple charging stations on the same branch circuit
  • Keep the cables safe and off the ground with our cable management system
  • Get extended reach with our flexible 25 feet cable
  • Trust our turnkey solutions to ensure a smooth White Glove installation

Full Network Services

Did you know that FLO also operates one of North America’s largest EV charging network? A yearly subscription to our Global Management Services includes everything you need to provide seamless charging for drivers, giving you total peace of mind.

  • 24/7 toll-free support line for EV drivers using your stations
  • Proactive station monitoring to ensure service quality and resolve potential issues in real-time
  • PCI compliant billing for secure and reliable payment processing
  • Access to a dedicated web portal for station management and usage tracking
  • Real-time station status available to EV drivers via the FLO website, mobile app and third-party platforms

Configurations for Any Location

The CoRe+ Line can be configured for virtually any parking layout. Available set-ups include simple wall-mounted, pedestal or a combination with a cable management system to keep the cables neat, safe and suspended.


Single pedestal

Back-to-back pedestal

Wall-mounted with cable management system

Dual side by side with cable management system

Back-to-back or single pedestal with cable management system

You Save with FLO Energy Management Technologies

Made with your budget in mind, FLO products are designed to maximize your investment at installation and over time.

PowerSharing™ Technology

Greatly reduce installation costs by sharing the remaining incremental capacity of existing electrical infrastructure between multiple charging stations.


U.S. Pat. No. 9,927,778

PowerLimiting™ Technology

Reduces energy costs by limiting the building’s peak power demand through fixed limit, scheduled limitations or integration to a Building Management System (BMS).


U.S. Pat. No. 10,197,976

FLO Cascading Kit Technology

Our Cascading Kit enables serial daisy-chain connection of multiple charging stations on pedestals and on the same branch circuit.

Global Management Services

FLO Global Management Services (GMS) is a valuable tool that ensures you provide users with the best charging experience. Proactive monitoring and maintenance, usage information and flexible billing are just some of the perks of our network management solution.

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